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Martin Wilson

Jan 31, 2022

Are you interested in seeing a list of all of the purchases you've made with your Apple ID? Possibly, Apple has charged your credit card for an unlawful purchase. What happened? Perhaps one of your family members made a transaction on your behalf without your knowledge? Fortunately, you can see your purchase history from your iPhone or iPad, removing any uncertainty about your purchases.

Purchase history contains a record of all purchases completed on the App Store, iTunes Store, Apple Books, and the Apple TV app, in addition to transactions performed on third-party websites. This includes subscriptions to services like iCloud, Apple Music, and similar offerings. This enables you to double-check all of your transactions to ensure correct. Aside from that, if you have various payment methods connected to your Apple account, you can even track out which credit card was used to buy a certain item. So, how to check apple purchase history?

Purchase History

Using your Apple ID and password, open iTunes and go to the store on the iTunes Store interface. Apple ID users may see their purchase history by clicking "Account," then "See All" under the Purchase History heading. Most recent purchases will be shown first; click the arrow to the left of that order date to see related transaction details.

Purchase History Can Be Deleted

While using your iPhone regularly, you may buy a variety of applications to utilize. These applications that you have bought from the App Store will be stored up in your iCloud storage account. Some ineffective applications in your purchase history will remain in your account even after uninstalling them. What if you didn't know how to remove your iPhone's purchase history?

We'd like to provide a popular and simple method for deleting app purchase history on your iPhone. In reality, it is a method for concealing the purchase history from your iOS device and removing it from your computer. On the App Store, you have the option of deleting app history directly.

  • Open the App Store on your iPhone
  • To sign into your App Store account
  • Choose the Purchased option

All of your purchased applications are plainly shown under the All tab. Locate the app you wish to uninstall and then swipe your finger from the right to the left side of the screen over it to remove it. To remove the app history on your iPhone, just tap it.

Managing Discrepancies

Whether you're searching through your iTunes purchase history to determine if your account has been hijacked, you can see precisely what was purchased and when it was purchased right here. If you suspect anything is wrong, check your credit or debit card to determine if any money has been taken. If this was the case, click on the Report a Problem button to the right of Done.

Rather than immediately reporting a problem to Apple, it is a good idea to first investigate another explanation for the mismatch. Several account statuses might cause your history to not appear the way you want it to. They may include an approval hold, a delayed charge, a subscription renewal, or a purchase made via Family Sharing. An approval hold is when your bank places a hold on a purchase to verify its legitimacy. They may get in touch with you to confirm that it is real. This normally only occurs when you make your first iTunes purchase or, if anything, alerts your transaction to the bank's systems.

An authorized hold and a delayed charge are often used interchangeably. Something inside your bank is preventing payment from being processed. This is very unusual and generally only lasts a short period. As a consequence of someone joining Family Sharing, a membership renewal may appear in your purchase history. The answer to this question is often asked since when someone joins Family Sharing, they carry their subscriptions with them, which will display on the purchase history. A Family Sharing purchase is one in which someone from the Family Sharing purchases on behalf of the group. If you do not identify it, you will need to verify with your relatives to be sure.


If you notice anything in your iTunes purchase history that you don't recognize and you've checked for those circumstances, you should contact Apple immediately to report the problem. Apple charges have a detailed information page where you can learn more about managing payments. If you see any activity occurring right now, you may easily withdraw the payment method from your account. You may always remove it and re-add it later.


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