The Best USB Microphones for Streaming: Upgrade Your Stream with High-Quality Audio


Martin Wilson

Jun 21, 2022

This is true regardless of whether you're broadcasting your gameplay on Twitch, YouTube, or any other site. (This is also true if you're doing a project while interacting with your audience through live chat or other means.) There is no substitute for a full-size microphone sitting directly in front of your lips, and microphones embedded into computers, webcams, and even headsets don't sound as nice. This guide reviews the best USB microphones for streaming: Upgrade your stream with high-quality audio.

While professional streamers rely on high-end audio equipment, USB mics are substantially less expensive. USB microphones are easy to use and don't compromise on quality—connect one to your computer, and you're ready to go. It's important to us to find the finest USB microphones that are simple to set up and give exceptional quality, as well as the ability to change speech kinds and volume levels. To understand more about what to search for in a USB microphone, please check out our list of the essential characteristics and what to look for.

Elgato Wave 3

Streaming and Elgato are inseparable. The Wave 3 USB condenser microphone is an excellent addition to any home studio, complementing the company's streaming deck. A relationship with Lewitt means you may be assured of the product's quality. Using Clipguard technology, you can guarantee that your audience hears the most transparent audio possible.

Blue Yeti Nano

Blue is well-known for its streaming mics, and for a good reason: they are the best at what they do. The Yeti Nano (the scrappy younger brother of the Yeti family) is no less impressive because of its lower price. It improves on the Yeti concept while lowering the cost of that microphone by using a twin condenser configuration and producing excellent sound quality. In addition to being smaller and lighter than the original Yeti, the Nano is a fraction of the weight, making it easier to carry about.

It helps that it is simple to set up. Thanks to a USB plug-and-play connection, you'll start recording in no time. Certain features are sacrificed in favor of the Yeti Nano's lower price point. Despite this, it still has a few surprises, such as the ability to switch between cardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns.

Samson G-Track Pro

Samson G-Track Pro is one of the finest mics we've used for broadcasting and gaming. To go along with its exceptional sound quality and rock-solid foundation, it has three polar patterns instead of just one: cardioid, bidirectional, and unidirectional. That makes it an extremely versatile and adaptable option.

In terms of playing back recordings, the G-Track Pro doesn't fall short thanks to its crystal-clear sound, which rivals the quality of more expensive studio microphones. Including particular settings for instruments or voices makes this a well-rounded tool. And last but not least, it won't cost you a fortune. While being more expensive than the others, our option is the best value for money on this list.


The Rode NT-USB has a lot going for it, and if your budget allows it, it's unquestionably one of the finest mics for streaming. It's a beautiful choice for individuals who wish to go professional because of its studio-quality sound and professional appearance. The NT-USB has a high-quality cardioid microphone and a high-tech inner shock capsule. Thus, the clacking of keys and other noises may be reduced or eliminated. This is a significant selling factor if you plan on streaming PC games. The mic also comes with a handy clip-on pop shield, which I didn't anticipate. You may use this method when trying to avoid those annoying, harsh 'p' noises. A shield in the package is an excellent perk since you typically have to buy one individually.

Blue Yeti X

As an improvement over the previous generation Blue Yeti, the X is a top-tier microphone for live broadcasting. It has a simple appearance, with just one multifunctional button and LED lights to distinguish it from the competition. A variety of recording patterns are available, and LED indications may help you choose which one is most suited for your needs at any given time. The BlueVoice recording platform, including Blue Yeti X, features convenient Twitch broadcasting settings.

Razer Seiren Elite

No one has to be introduced to the Razer brand. There is a new gaming microphone for the corporation. The gadget is decorated with the iconic Razer logo and LEDs, giving it a distinctly gaming feel. The LED ring on this gadget has an analog/digital limiter built-in, so when the volume is cranked, the LED ring becomes red. Streamers would no longer have to restrain their excitement because of the audio quality. This limiter feature alone shows why some people consider it the most outstanding microphone for YouTube.


There isn't a standout option for streaming in terms of an external microphone. There are many choices on the market, and locating a piece of high-quality equipment that meets your requirements is the essential step. When you do that, you have to consider several variables. You can't just get the priciest microphone. On Twitch, for example, a high-end microphone built for singers would deliver much too much fidelity.


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