Canon Pixma iP110 Review


Martin Wilson

Jun 02, 2022

It is geared at being a jack of all crafts but a master of none; it excels in very few areas (and is usually poor in most aspects), but it is not awful at anything significant, and its low price makes it a good choice for a variety of purposes. However, if you spend more money, you will be able to get printers that are of a higher quality. Arguably, this is the most excellent portable printer and the best business printer in its price range.

The Canon Pixma iP110 and the Reasons We like It

The Canon Pixma iP110 is an inkjet printer that is both lightweight and portable, with support for Wi-Fi, and it offers decent print quality in addition to remarkable mobility. If the mobility of your printer is more important to you than the print quality it produces, the Canon Pixma is an excellent option for you to consider.


Affordable and Portable a satisfactory ratio of costs to benefits.


Quality of printing that is only average Low page yield. A review of the Canon Pixma G5020 Megatank Inkjet Printer can be found here if you are interested in purchasing a printer with a large page yield.


The Canon Pixma iP110 has a variable print speed, depending on the kind of print. Although it does not print as quickly as big office printers such as the Brother MFC-L3770CDW Laser, the Brother MFCL275DW, or the HP OfficeJet Pro 9025, it is significantly more affordable, and its print speed is excellent in comparison to other printers in its size class. It prints around two pages per minute, which is an outstanding speed for its price class; but it is nowhere near as fast as the considerably more expensive HP OfficeJet 200 Mobile Printer, which can print nine pages per minute. It functions adequately given its cost and size category; however, increasing your expenditure will net you many superior outcomes.

The iP110 has a basic configuration similar to that of other compact inkjet printers. I used a USB connection to connect to a computer running Windows Vista for most of my testing. However, I could also link from an Android phone by utilizing the Access Point mode on the printer. This allowed me to validate that it was simple to connect and print using that method. To switch the printer to Access Point mode, you have to keep a button pressed down while counting the flashes of a status light. Although this is a simple process, you must consult the user handbook for further information on this step. After the printer has been appropriately configured, connecting from the phone is the same as any other method.

Printing Standard

On the Canon Pixma iP110, the quality of the photos is exactly what one would call "average." It won't turn any heads and has obvious flaws, but it's suitable for usage inside the workplace, and the photographs it prints only seem poor when seen up close. Printed text looks much worse than average when produced by an ink cartridge-based printer, whereas graphic-based prints are far better than average.


The Canon Pixma iP110's lackluster performance in terms of print efficiency is the single most disheartening component of this device. It devours ink cartridges, rated for just 191 pages when using black ink; this number drops much lower when using color ink and drops dramatically when printing full-color pages.

Advanced Functionality

The Canon Pixma iP110 is a standard for portable printers since it supports printing over Wi-Fi and provides exceptional support for Android and iOS with Google Cloud Print and AirPrint, respectively. In addition, Canon provides its customers with an app called Canon Print, which makes it very simple to send print jobs to the printer from any internet-connected phone or computer in the home.


The Canon Pixma iP110 impresses when it comes to its value. For $249.99, a figure that often gets lowered at that, it offers a ratio of price to quality that is very close to being ideal. If you pay more money, you will get much better printers, but you will obtain much poorer printers if you spend less money. For instance, the Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer - Dusty Pink costs almost half as much yet are considerably inferior in every imaginable parameter.

Canon Pixma iP110 Wrap-up

The Canon Pixma iP110 distinguishes itself from other printers in its price range, owing to its consistently high quality in all aspects. If the mobility of your printer is more important to you than the print quality it produces, the Canon Pixma is an excellent option for you to consider.


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