An in-Depth Review of PDF Candy and Its Competitors

Bethany Walsh

Apr 15, 2022

While free PDF editors are readily available, free PDF editors with extensive capabilities are almost non-existent. Unlike most other scanners, PDF Candy offers top-notch scanning, several file-conversion choices, OCR capabilities, and a host of other features that you'd expect to spend extra for.

Instead of a unified interface, the web-based editor is displayed as a list of distinct app icons that may all be found on the same centralized landing page. 44 PDF utilities are available for creation, editing, and conversion. Wait for PDF Candy to do its work once you select one and upload the file.

This toolkit has a lot to offer. Editing and annotating text are naturally included in the package. Aside from that, you'll also discover tools for securing PDFs with passwords, adding watermarks to documents, reorganizing pages, extracting photos, and modifying file information. Several popular file types can be converted to PDF and vice versa.


iLovePDF has stiff competition from PDF Candy, which offers a slew of useful features and a comprehensive feature set. In addition, it is a versatile tool since it may be used in either an offline or online mode. There are a lot of tools at your disposal in this application. Thus versatility is its middle name.

For example, you receive an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool and a PDF converter. If you want to use the desktop version of PDF Candy, you'll need to buy an annual or lifetime license.

When it comes to PDF Candy's simplicity, any user can get started even if they have no previous expertise with this program. Let's have a look at some of the positives and negatives first.

Candy's PDF Key Features

In this area, you'll learn about some of the best PDF Candy offers in terms of PDF-related tools. Let's get started right away!

PDF Editor Online

If you're looking for an easy-to-use online PDF editor, go no further than PDF Candy. PDF Candy's online PDF editor uses secured upload and download connections to ensure the safety of your data, even if there is always a concern about the security of online tools. Once you're able to work without fear, you can;

  • Add text
  • Highlight text
  • Use Pencil options
  • Draw rectangles
  • Whiteout options

You can use these editing tools to adjust the output PDF to your individual needs. From what we've seen and tested, there's a clear focus on simplicity.

Converting PDFs to Excel

It's time-consuming and error-prone to retype all material from the PDF file into an Excel spreadsheet. Thus PDF Candy gives an easy solution.

With this program, you don't have to spend as much time and effort revising after conversion because the tabular data is preserved. A batch conversion tool is a must-have option when working with many files with several PDFs.

PDF to Word Conversion

If you want to make changes to a PDF file, you need first convert it to an editable format like Word. When you evaluate how closely PDF Candy adheres to the original style and formatting, you can see the high degree of accuracy they provide.

The resultant DOC or DOCX file can be saved in various locations, including the current document, a different location, or even a different folder entirely. The built-in OCR tool is useful for extracting data with the highest levels of accuracy from scanned or image-based PDFs.

Image to PDF Conversion

In addition, you may use PDF Candy to convert pictures (PNG, JPG, TIFF, and BMP) to PDF. Photos can be safely preserved, and PDFs take up less space on the disc than individual images.

With this converter, you may also play with the extract settings, such as metadata definition, password restriction, and the addition of additional parameters. There are several options available to you when it comes to the final output of the PDF. Images may be shared and presented satisfyingly and straightforwardly with the help of these tools.

Expanded Capabilities

In addition to the capabilities mentioned above, PDF Candy offers countless other tools to help you get the most out of your app experience, all in one place. Several of these programs aid in the conversion of other file formats to PDFs, the conversion of PDFs to other file formats, or the general management of PDFs,


To use even the most basic functions of PDF Candy, you must first sign up for an account, whether you're using the desktop application or the website version. The following premium options are available for a more comprehensive experience. These plans are presented so that you may select one based on your preferred payment schedule.


Many customers love PDF Candy because of its ease of use and ability to supply nearly every PDF tool they may need. The OCR feature makes it easy to extract data from scans or image-based PDFs, ideal for mass conversions.

Because you may pick between a subscription and a one-time lifetime plan, the cost is very carefully thought out. As a result, we've gone above and beyond to introduce you to PDF Candy's most useful features. Yes, it would help if you gave it a shot.

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