How to Delete Autofill Entries from Chrome

Bethany Walsh

Apr 15, 2022

New features and functionality are constantly being added to web browsers, which have evolved dramatically. Automated and adaptable features are constantly in demand since many of us spend more and more of our personal and professional lives online.

What Are The Downsides of Using Autofill?

When you don't want to input the same item repeatedly, a feature like Autofill may save you both time and effort.

However, there are situations when Autofill may be a nuisance, coming up when you don't need it or interfering with what you're trying to do. As a busy person, you're more likely to encounter these issues.

When you have to use a different address for specific transactions, or if you allow a coworker or a loved one to use your computer to conduct some important online business, your risk increases significantly.

Fortunately, clearing Chrome's autofill feature is a simple process. This article provides two fast ways to erase entries, reset the tool, or disable Autofill. To get started, let's take a look at the fundamentals of Autofill and how it functions in Google Chrome.

What Is Autofill, and How Does It Work?

Using the web browser on your computer, you may use the Autofill feature to remember and fill in specified information and form fields. Autofill should, in an ideal world, save time in a variety of scenarios, and in the majority of cases, it does just this.

When completing an address for an online purchase or a piece of documentation, Autofill comes in handy. To preserve non-sensitive login or payment information, it's also handy to utilize a search engine like Google.

Your internet experience can be significantly slowed down if you don't have Autofill and predictive text systems. Because of their cramped and often monotonous UI, mobile devices like your smartphone or tablet would likewise become less useful.

The more you know about your Chrome's autofill settings, the better off you'll be. The valid data should be easy to find, which is why incorrect data should be able to be deleted.

How to Use Chrome's Full Autofill Capabilities

The two easiest ways to remove unwanted autofill entries will be discussed first to ensure your settings aren't giving you any problems. Even though they appear to be the same, they provide two different ways for you to access and manage your data.

If you merely want to remove Chrome autofill entries or collected browser data, use the first technique. Using this is ideal if you want to go back to work quickly after clearing your browser's stored autofill entries.

It's also possible to access the full autofill interface via the Chrome settings if time permits or if you prefer greater control over your preferences. When you choose this strategy, you'll be able to see more of your options for both autofill and browser data management.

How to Alter What Autofill Saves

You don't want Autofill to work anymore, do you? This is also an option in Chrome's settings menu. We'll go through each of the three categories that make up Google Chrome's autofill function because our second technique gives us access to all configuration choices. It's easy to turn off Autofill for a certain category by simply switching a toggle next to the category name. The following are the details:

1. Passwords

Find the words "Offer to save passwords" and toggle it to "off" to disable it. Auto sign-in may be turned off by clicking on "Auto sign-in." Below your stored password and sign-in choices, you'll see a comprehensive list of saved passwords.

2. Payment Methods

The "Save and fill payment methods" option may be turned off by clicking on the "Save and fill payment methods" toggle. As well as an index of different payment options, you'll find a link to your Google account's saved payment information underneath that.

3. Addresses and More

Your email, billing, and shipping locations are included in this category, which serves as a catch-all for location autofill submissions. Look for the "Save and populate addresses" toggle and set it to the off position to disable it. There is a comprehensive list of stored address data below this.

Other Important Data Settings

Use the "Clear browser data" option to remove all of your stored autofill items at once. Several types of stored information are marked for deletion in your browser's prompt. You shouldn't be concerned about the vast majority of your browser's data, but you should be if you leave the following categories selected when erasing auto-fill items.

1. Browsing History

In addition to a simple list of the websites you've visited, this also offers some extra information. Predictive text in the Chrome search bar may be viewed in a list of your saved auto-complete items.

Using the Clear browsing data technique will clear your browsing history and resolve any auto-complete difficulties you may be experiencing.

2. Cookies and Site Data

This is where your browser stores the login information for the websites you visit the most frequently. This option will log you out of most of the services and websites you've used thus far if you include it while clearing browsing data. You can prevent this by unchecking the relevant item and moving on to the next step.

3. Image and File Caching

Images and other site resources that your browser has cached to make web pages load faster can be found here. However, if you leave this category selected, you may notice some slowness the next time you visit one of your favorite websites.

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