Things You Need to Be Aware of HDR Games on PC

Martin Wilson

Apr 13, 2022

HDR is shorthand for High Dynamic Range. What is it if it is displayed on the gaming monitor, TV, or in a game is that it supports a greater and greater spectrum of contrast and color than SDR and standard Dynamic Range. Despite a slow increase in support for PC, HDR has gradually been gaining traction in PC gaming, and you are now able to play a variety of games that have HDR enabled.

HDR isn't a standard of normal. There are many levels to HDR and how well it looks is contingent on the monitor you're using or your TV's capabilities. The process was made more clear for the consumer by introducing the DisplayHDR standard developed by VESA that aims to provide an easily recognizable rating scale for consumers, but there's lots more happening under the hood than what these specs reveal.


A bright screen is essential, yet, it is not always achievable unless the display is equipped with the ability to lower specific sections of the screen while keeping other regions bright. This can only be accomplished by using a special kind of display known as a Mini-LED (also known as fully array dimming). Mini-LED displays are the most suitable for High Dynamic Range (HDR). Modern monitors often include an edge-lit LED backlight, which means the LEDs are positioned around the screen's border rather than in the center. As a result, you will often see hazy and distracting bright spots around the margins of a computer display. It takes skill and dedication to design a backlight that can illuminate the whole screen without increasing brightness at the borders.

Some high-contrast HDR displays use an edge-lit LED technology to provide exceptional brightness. However, you'll see fuzzy halos around smaller objects. This is referred to as blossoming. Mini-LEDs are often used to alleviate this problem by mounting LEDs directly on the panel. The possibility of having flowered exists, although it is less common and more difficult to identify than in the past. Blooming is not a concern with OLEDs since each pixel provides the amount of light required by the device. Unless you intend to buy a television, this is just academic; nevertheless, since OLED gaming monitors for PCs do not currently exist, this is a moot point.


During gameplay, HDR quality is heavily influenced by the display's brightness. This is the most critical information to be aware of. At a minimum, search for an LCD or a TV that can display images at a brightness level of 1,000 nits. Consider where in Skyrim or Assassin's Creed you've most enjoyed seeing the sunset. It was undeniably beautiful. In the absence of HDR, the picture is only a sliver in size. It won't be so bright that you'll need to wear eye protection. As a result, you won't be able to see much beyond the horizon, which is obscured by flashes of light.

HDR may be able to help with this, but only if your monitor is bright enough to see the difference. Games also benefit from HDR more than other forms of material such as cinema, which is not the only advantage. For games to be accessible, there is a good reason for this: They don't have to spend a lot of time in the dark unless they're playing a horror or simulation game. Nobody wants to die at the hands of an opponent they couldn't even see. The brighter the game, the easier it is for players to see each other in competitive situations. Bright and flashy games are all the rage right now, and they're using the benefits of ultra-bright HDR displays.

Have All The Games Been Made HDR Up to Date?

A lot of new games support HDR in the present. While that's the case, older software will not be able to support greater contrast and color abilities without patches. These older games can normally run on HDR-equipped devices; however, you won't get any advantages without some new software added. It's good to know that taking advantage of HDR's powerful technology doesn't need the use of ground-floor software to rewrite. A relatively simple mapping process that extends SDR color maps into HDR ranges using algorithmic translation could be utilized for converting SDR titles with minimal effort. One method to accomplish this is to use Windows' Auto HDR feature that actually uses SDR games and cleverly converts them HDR-ready.

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