How to Change Your Mouse DPI: What Is Mouse DPI?

Martin Wilson

Mar 12, 2022

People who play games use a mouse to assist them in getting a headshot and making their team even stronger. The DPI that the mouse performs on affects how well it works. DPI stands for dots per inch. Whereas if the mouse does have a high DPI, this implies that the mouse could cross more pixels on a cm motion. DPI, and the mouse's sensitivity, is also known as the number of points. We already understand that a mouse is a system that allows us to move around and click on app icons to get to apps when we play games. The gaming mouse has a large DPI, making it easier for people to move or aim while playing a game. Let us talk about how to change your mouse dpi that fits your needs.

What is Mouse DPI?

There are a lot of dots per inch called DPI. Mouse DPI is a measure of how sensitive the mouse is. You can modify and quickly control the speed of the cursor by adjusting the DPI setting in your mouse. With a high DPI, you can see tiny movements within your mouse and react promptly. When it comes to your mouse, having a high DPI is preferable to having one with a low DPI. However, the higher DPI isn't always great for us. You don't need your mouse pointer to swipe throughout the entire screen if you randomly move the cursor.

How to Change DPI On Mouse

Whenever a user wants to adjust the best mouse dpi for games or anything else, he could do it in the right thing to create the gadget work better. It could be carried out by following some of the steps below.

1. Using Settings

People can change the DPI of their mouse by clicking on "Mouse Settings" and then clicking on "Mouse." Take the steps underneath to adjust the DPI settings on your screen.

  • Tap on the "Start" switch. Then, tap on the "Settings" tab.
  • The settings screen will show up now, so you can change things.
  • Tap the "Devices" button.
  • The mouse will be on the device list. Tap on it.
  • Click on "More mouse choices."
  • Take a look at the window. Tap on "Pointer Options."
  • Make sure the slider moves with the header. Next, select "Apply" and afterward "OK," and the changes will be made.

2. Utilizing the DPI Changer Switch

As long as your mouse does have the "DPI on the fly" switch or button, you could adjust your mouse DPI right away with the button that lets you rapidly and always adjust your mouse DPI.

  • Find the DPI tab on your mouse. It's usually on the edge, bottom, and side of your mouse, but sometimes it's on the other side.
  • Click or slide the button to modify the DPI of your mouse.
  • Whether you see a message on your screen about your DPI setting changing or not, the LCD will show you the new setup.

How easy is that, isn't it? When you don't need a DPI switch on your mouse, don't worry. You can still use it. You can change the DPI of your mouse in the mouse setting.

Methods to Make Your Mouse Work Better

Plenty of the hardware inside the system needs to be taken care of and upgraded to function in the better way possible. Here are a few ways to enable the user for someone to improve their mouse skills.

1. Adjust Mouse Sensitivity Settings

There are a lot of choices in the games, which let people change how the mouse works. It's easy to find the mouse settings in the game's menu for the controller. When the user changes settings like the sensitivity and control of their mouse, they can change the mouse sensitivity settings.

2. Make sure your mouse driver is up to date.

There are always new mouse driver upgrades, which can be installed quickly. To get the updated drivers, the user can go to the company's website and type the item in the search window. They can then install them and put them on their computer.


In this guide, we talked about DPI on a mouse and found out how to adjust DPI on a mouse. For people who play games, the mouse is a very important tool that helps them to aim and control their movements. So, the mouse drivers should be kept up to date. We talked about how to change DPI settings and how to improve the performance of your mouse.

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