6 Best Free PC Games to Play in 2022

Bethany Walsh

Mar 11, 2022

The best free PC game is out there. If you're broke and want to save money, free is a cost point that everyone can agree on. We've put together a list of the best free games for PC that will keep you entertained for a long time. If you have loads of effort between games, you can play small free games. There is no need to spend money. If you want to begin playing the best free PC games for 2022, look at this very long list we've made.

Top 1. Best Free PC Games - WAR THUNDER

You might not have to join a team of aerospace fans on a chat forum and enlist their simulated battle group to experience War Thunder. You can play alone. You don't have to select between being realistic or easy to read. Download this, and you're flying, driving, and shooting. You can even do all three things at the same time. This hugely-multiplayer World War II game has all of the blasts and enthusiasm that aircraft and tanks can make.

Top 2. Best Free PC Games - RAID: SHADOW LEGENDS

Now, you may play one of the most-famous smartphone RPG games for free on your PC. Even if you've played many games like Raid before, you'll need to think strategically about how to fight and manage your squad. More than 300 heroes are available for you to buy in the game, each having its statistics and skills. You'll have to change and improve your team to make the most of your characters' skills. The battle can also be taken online. You could group with many other people in co-operation, raids, err, and you can beat their team during the fight to get valuable items.

Top 3. Best Free PC Games - WORLD OF WARSHIPS

When you love the concept of World of Tanks but find the battlefields to be too watery, World of Warships is the game for you. When presenting the navy to the idea of a battle royale, the controls are easy but exciting. More fun: World of Warships is better than Overall War's maritime strategy games, Silent Hunter is easier to play than Pirate ships, as well as World of Warships is even better than the Mariners games. Amazingly deep, if you don't mind the submarine jokes. The World of Warships e-sport scene is much more thrilling than it should be, even though it doesn't deserve to be.

Top 4. Best Free PC Games - Lost Ark

MMO Lost Ark starts a little slow. However, soon you'll be blockading forts and fighting demon clowns. The story eventually turns into crazy animated film bullshit, but the fighting is over-the-top at the start. It throws swarms of foes at you so you can cut them up with fancy skills. When you start Lost Ark, you get all the stock levels you want and a free attachment. You don't have to pay for the basics.

Top 5. Best Free PC Games - ENLISTED

This strategic shooter is a lot like Battlefield. You lead a group of AI soldiers via a few of the most renowned campaigns of World War II with the help of your weapons and equipment. There are a lot of different kinds of planes, tanks, and vehicles that you can use to help you win. You can get them through the different skills that each squad member has. As a squad leader, it's your job to direct the actions of your troops during each battle. If you get killed via a wandering bullet, you can shift to the POV of your other team member.

Top 6. Best Free PC Games - WORLD OF TANKS

PC game World of Tanks is one of the most powerful tank games there has ever been. It's an easy-to-use and fun tank simulator built on a foundation of complicated game rules. It puts two teams of tankers against each other in a deathmatch. You can get hundreds of vehicles across ten levels, from fast scouts to big, heavy vehicles. A lot of tanks have been crammed into this game by Wargaming!


If you want to play a game, you don't have to pay. This has made free-to-play games more popular over the years. They're great time-killers, and now they're so strong that you don't feel like you're missing out on anything because you don't spend real money. A free game is always a good choice if you have some time to kill. If you're playing on a PC, there are many free-to-play games. Still, there are so many games to try out that it can be hard to find a good one.

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