Best Budget Computer Speakers to Buy in 2022

Martin Wilson

Mar 10, 2022

All this effort goes into collecting your favourite music and movies. Then you play them all through your laptop's built-in speakers. Even the most expensive speakers can make your audio sound stale and dull. External speakers are essential for obtaining the best audio quality from your media files. You can find a wide range of best budget computer speakers online and in your local electronics shop. Some systems are as expensive or more than the price of your laptop. You don't have to borrow a loan to upgrade your sound system. You can find quality speakers for as low as $100. You can still find high-quality speakers for as low as $100, but you will get the sound you want if you are willing to compromise.

Top 1. Logitech G560

The RGB lighting is either beloved or despised by most people. There is one thing on which the PC Gamer staff can all agree: Logitech's Light sync feature on the G560 is a boon. This is the only RGB product we recommend for PC gaming.

There are two ways to control your speakers using the Logitech software. Hardware control enables the speakers to be illuminated through Bluetooth or AUX input. The soothing rainbow colour cycle serves as an audio visualizer, flashing and brightening in time with the music. This is not to say that the G560's screen sampler isn't good. Ambient TV backlighting software extends the screen's colors outward to provide a more immersive lighting experience.

Top 2. Creative Pebble Plus

When looking for cheap PC speakers under $50, it can be hard to know where to start. Trustworthy brands have a lot of options for the same price. While pricing variations between low-end models might be little, Creative Pebble Plus loudspeakers stand out for their enormous sound and compact dimensions.

These speakers generate a more crisp sound than competitors that use up to three times the amount of power. However, despite their lack of power, the speakers remained distortion-free even when the volume even at its highest. It doesn't have a way to change the bass. Pebble Plus speakers are clean and loud despite their lack of raw power. While mid-range speakers may easily compete with the Creative Pebble Plus loudspeakers, they are the undisputed victor for gamers on a budget.

Top 3. Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX

The Klipsch ProMedia 2 THX computer speakers come with a subwoofer. The audio quality is excellent, with a large sound field that allows subtle nuances to be heard in songs. Vocals, instruments and sound effects are clear and detailed. This benefits listeners who enjoy watching movies and playing video games. Each satellite is placed attractively on your laptop and desktop. Some people find that not having Bluetooth is a problem. For those who don't have much space, it can be not easy to find the right place for the subwoofer. If you have enough space, the ProMedia 2.1 will deliver powerful bass.

Top 4. Sanyun SW102

These stylish speakers are elegant and have a unique design. These speakers are compact and lightweight, delivering crystal-clear stereo sound. They are compact and oval in shape, providing 360° sound. An elliptical design is a better option to avoid unwanted vibrations. It connects to many devices via a USB plug-and-play interface. The device comes with a dedicated 5v power supply. These LEDs are brilliantly blue-toned and under-lit, making them look amazing when streaming in the dark.

Top 5. Razer Nommo Chroma

Speakers by Razer Nommo Chroma are a significant boost over your current desk speakers. These prominent, cylindrical speakers resemble the USS Enterprise's engines. However, they have a clear, crisp sound and a lot of basses. The RGB ring beneath the speakers is also a great touch. With a price of $130, Razer's Nommo Chromas competes with a lot of different things out there. While they lack the sound quality and functionality of the Logitech G560, the Nommo Chroma is still an excellent alternative for PC gamers searching for great-sounding speakers without a subwoofer (assuming you have sufficient desk space).

Top 6. Edifier R1280DB

Edifier is known for making the finest computer speakers. The R1280DB from the brand is an excellent addition to its long list of heritage receivers. The wood grain coating, vinyl wrap, as well as magnetic shields on these speakers, keep them safe from damage. They will look great on any bookshelf and blend well in any entertainment center.

The sound quality is more appealing than the design. It is perfect for many media formats, such as MP3, WMA, and M4A. Its superb mids and highs make it an excellent choice for music, movies, and gaming. Bluetooth connectivity is another benefit, as it allows you to pair the speakers with multiple computers. It can be hard to hear at high volumes, so be careful. The bottom end isn't amazing, so bass fans looking to rock their homes should go elsewhere.


When looking for the best computer speakers, you will need to consider audio quality, connectivity type, pricing, and other features. You should decide which type of connection suits your setup the best: wireless or wired. While the former guarantees better sound quality, it can also require more cables and ports that can prove too burdensome for smaller setups. Many wireless options offer surround sound or stereo sound, even if you don't want to be tied to your computer.

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