How to Fix Your Network When You See another Device Is Using Your IP Address

Martin Wilson

Mar 08, 2022

Most computer users can't envision functioning without internet connectivity, and their devices look almost worthless if they aren't connected to the internet. When you shut down your laptop (or wake it up) and a warning letter appears, suggesting that another device on your network has been utilizing your computer's IP address, that's a bad omen. The most common reason for this is a breakdown in connection between the routers and the DHCP server. Internet Protocol (IP) address allocation failed because the server attempted to assign an address already in use by another device.

Mac's Sleep/Wake Function

Try putting your Mac to sleep, then awakening it to see if it clears up any temporary issue. Attempts to persuade the gateway's DHCP server to issue an IP address once again are made if the Mac is awake but does not have an Internet address. Even while restarting the computer may be essential to fixing the issue, it isn't always necessary.

Reset the Router

First, make sure that every device on the network has been restarted (computers and mobile devices or televisions). Renewal attempts are commonplace in most modern operating systems. As a result, they use the DHCP server to get an unused internet address. Resetting WiFi routers is an option if rebooting devices doesn't work. Reset buttons are available on some newer routers, but older versions may need to disconnect them from the power source.

Renew the DHCP Lease Manually

You may manually renew leases across all devices if automated renewal fails to remedy the problem. There are two ways to renew a Mac computer's lease. You may change your network settings by using IPconfig in the System Preferences and Terminal.

DHCP Lease Renewal on macOS

Click the Apple logo in the upper-left corner of your screen and choose System Preferences. Next, go to the Networking tab. Click on the Advanced option once you've chosen your existing network configuration. There is an option to Renew the DHCP Lease on the TCP/IP tab. Your IPv4 address numbers will be adjusted if you click on this link. Using Spotlight's keyboard shortcuts Command and Spacebar, you may access the terminal and update your DHCP Lease. Enter Terminal and press the return key to return to the previous screen. You may also access the Terminal application by starting Finder and going to the Applications folder. Open Utilities, then the command line application. Type the command below to pick the right interface address in the Terminal. en0 Wi-Fi connections are the default, whereas en1 connections are used for Ethernet connections.

Addresses Manually Configured

A private IP address is required for each device on the local network. The "Another machine is using this IP" message is most likely due to the DHCP/NAT combination assigning an address that you've manually specified for the device you're now on. (Or it might be the device that's using it is properly set up, and another person should verify this.) It's possible to utilize UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) and port mapping to operate a gaming server or screen sharing from your computer remotely, and you've configured your device to use a permanent (or "static") public address so it can be accessed through router magic. is an example of a computer address that may be changed.

IP addresses may be reserved (also called "DHCP reservations") on several gateways so that they cannot be re-used in the network. This feature is available in some other gateways. If the IP range extends from to, the start time of NAT-assigned addresses may be set to, and any address between and 192.168.99 can be selected as the destination address. In the absence of DHCP, the NAT protocol will continue to function. It is necessary to begin by contacting the IP address of the router (which is generally reserved, so you'll need to dial

Cybercriminals might access your IP address by using a variety of tactics. Social engineering and internet-stalking are two of the most popular types of fraud. Attackers may use social engineering to trick you into disclosing your IP address. They could be able to track you down using Skype or a similar instant messaging tool that communicates through IP addresses, as an example. It is vital to remember that if you use these applications to interact with strangers, they will see your IP address. Attackers may use a Skype Resolver tool to discover your IP address based on your login, which allows them to compromise your account.

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