Microsoft OneNote Guide for You

Bethany Walsh

Mar 04, 2022

OneNote is a no-cost note-taking app that is digital and a productivity tool. You can use the application to make notes, make audio recordings, capture screenshots, and more. Onenote is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Chrome, Android devices, and a Web application. Though each version comes with some differences in functionality, syncing between versions and devices is effortless. Users can work offline and transfer their work later, except for the web-based app. Windows users can utilize OneNote as well as OneNote in Windows.

The app was previously called OneNote 2013/2016. The app's desktop version is included in Office 2019 and is one of Microsoft 365 subscriptions that include clients' apps (Word and Excel, etc.) In Ignite 2019, Microsoft changed its mind and decided to eliminate OneNote to be replaced by OneNote compatible with Windows 10. Microsft 365 customers can access OneNote on the app launcher. The OneNote Notebook is offered as a default feature with the new SharePoint Online websites, Office 365 groups, and even a team on Microsoft Teams. The new version of the notebook has sections on the upper part of the notebook, with the pages listed on the right-hand side.

What's The Point of OneNote?

OneNote serves as an application for taking notes and as the hub for your notes. It allows you to arrange notes into distinct notebooks and sections inside notebooks. It is possible to pin multimedia files to your notes because it works with various formats. Digital formats that you can attach into your notebooks within Microsoft OneNote includes:

  • Images
  • Diagrams
  • Videos
  • Audio

Through Microsoft OneNote, users can take pictures, texts, and files in a snap, even when on the go. It also allows users to work alongside other applications in the Office Suite, both on your laptop and desktop. This is why these questions are the fundamentals of OneNote; however, if you are new to the program, you might also be asking, "how do I use OneNote for the first time." It's a good thing that we are familiar with utilizing Microsoft OneNote, and a few paragraphs later, you'll know, too.

How OneNote Is Structured

OneNote offers a tiered organization system that includes sections, notebooks, and notes. You'll begin with a single notebook; however, you can make additional notebooks. As an example, I've notebooks for different tasks: articles, personal items, and other subjects. OneNote pages are designed to function as a free-form canvas. It is possible to highlight, draw, and type in the text and pinch and zoom, just as you would on your phone. If you'd prefer keeping things minimal, OneNote can be a source of lists for quick reference and keeping track of things you must complete. It could also serve as a repository of articles you'll need to research. There's also a collaboration aspect in that you can use notebooks in a group.

The most important difference is the ink. If you own the Microsoft Surface device, the pen is a great tool for writing notes, marking documents, or adding a splash of color. For students, you might want to arrange your notebooks for your classes or your projects. If you intend to utilize OneNote for note-taking purposes, you may be able to work with just one notebook if you separate your notebooks into various sections. An efficient search feature that searches all your notes; however, an effective organizational system shouldn't be neglected.

The method is to be aware of all the junk that could build up. For instance, if you don't remove pages that you no longer need, they'll end up being a long list. It's good periodically to take a moment to erase specific pages. To help with the clutter, I've created a notebook titled Archive. Once I'm finished with an entire section, I shift it into this journal (right-click on the section's name). This allows me to keep the transcripts of interviews or notes from other sources but keep them out of the way.

Incorporating OneNote into Your Everyday Life

It can be daunting for Evernote users to think of how to move all of their data into an entirely new service. Microsoft has built an importer tool to assist people in deciding to make the switch. You can export your Evernote contents to an image file then upload them to OneNote. In the transition process, it will create a brand new OneNote notebook for every Evernote notebook. Pages will appear as new pages, and tags will be transformed into sections. You might need to perform another reorganization following the transition to get things set up the way you prefer.

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