Norton 360 Deluxe Review: Great Features, Buyer Guide

Martin Wilson

Mar 06, 2022

We've arrived at the Norton 360 age when the legendary antivirus services of the corporation are combined with LifeLock's anti-identity theft protection.

The front-facing product hasn't altered that much, despite the modifications that have taken place behind the scenes. Aside from a few cosmetic tweaks, the Norton security interface has remained the same since 2015.

On the other hand, Norton has continued to improve its malware detection technology to keep up with the ever-changing threat landscape.

Is Norton 360 Secure?

Not only does Norton antivirus have a lengthy history of excellent (or near-perfect) malware-detection results, but it is also safe. As recently as October 2020, it scored a maximum of 6 points in Protection, Performance, and Usability during the most recent testing session.

Therefore, Norton's security suite identified and eliminated all zero-day malware discovered no false positives but had a lower impact on computational power than many other antivirus products. As a result, they have unrivaled protection against malware.

Specifications and Offerings

All Norton 360 packages use two major applications. My Norton is a launcher for the real antivirus tool known as Device Security, installed on all of your devices. Norton 360 Deluxe has additional features, including a secure VPN, 75GB of cloud storage, a password manager, and a connection to the Norton website for parental controls.

AntiTrack, the company's new anti-tracking online browsing solution, is offered for $40 a year. Cookies are blocked, and fingerprinting of devices is avoided thanks to AntiTrack.

The majority of the action takes place in the realm of security. Quick scan (default), complete system, custom, and custom job are some of the choices you may choose from here.

When using a custom scan, you may conduct disc optimization, check for updates to your antivirus software, and delete temporary files from your system's hard drive.

Norton Power Eraser, diagnostics, and Norton Insight—the tool that selects which files should be examined during a rapid scan—can all be found in the Scans section.


Norton 360's supported devices have an attractive and user-friendly interface, just like many of its competitors. My Norton is now the product's “face “on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, and my Norton is now the product's "face."

In addition to showing you the most important features, this status report shows you whether or not they've been set up and activated. During installation, you'll be able to set up some of these options. Even if common folders like Documents are protected, it's excellent that the cloud back is activated with a single click. To back up other folders, you will have to go into the list and add them.

Nowadays, it's imperative to have good online protection, and Norton's got you covered in that department. Websites are highlighted in search results based on their reputation, and browser vulnerabilities are protected by browsing protection. A report on the safety of web downloads is also generated following a scan.

The only problem is that Norton Home Page, Norton Safe Search, Norton Safe Web, and Norton Password Manager must be installed in each browser you use.


Anti-malware measures have been added to Norton to battle the most recent attacks. Using third-party services, we can see how successfully Norton is protecting us. AV-September Test's and October 2021 zero-day malware assault and widespread malware tests found that Norton 360 scored 100 percent in both months.

Norton prevented all samples in the real-world protection test from July to October 2021, with 37 false positives, according to AV-Comparatives. Norton also achieved a perfect score of one hundred percent in the malware protection test conducted in September 2021, with only 14 false positives. Overall, the outcomes of the protection are outstanding.


At one point in the past, we weren't very happy with Norton's VPN service, but we agreed that it was good to use for an additional layer of protection and anonymity online because it was free.

However, in 2022, the case for this will be much stronger. Netflix and Amazon Prime have been unblocked in the United States in a stunning move.

Even if there are no bandwidth restrictions, you'll have to go to the trouble of installing the Android.apk file on an Amazon Fire TV Stick if you want to use it. It also doesn't offer applications for streaming devices.


It's simple to recommend Norton 360 Deluxe to anybody with up to five devices to secure, thanks to its updated applications and reliable VPN service.

Malware protection is excellent, and there are handy extras such as cloud backup that give additional safety for your sensitive information, but this is still only available for Windows users. It lives up to its name when you add the password manager and identity protection.

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