A Complete Apple Airpods Pro Review: What You Need to Know

Bethany Walsh

Mar 06, 2022

There might not be any new Apple AirPods Pro, but they're still the best-sounding Apple AirPods. This Apple AirPods 2 doesn’t have active noise-canceling like the newer AirPods 3. They also look better than the original AirPods. For now, they are the latest Apple earbuds that you can purchase. They're also good for people who already have many Apple products because they operate perfectly with them. Here we will explore a complete apple AirPods pro review.


  • The noise cancellation is excellent
  • The fit is significantly improved
  • It's useful for keeping track of your hearing condition


  • Expensive in comparison to superior competitors
  • A USB-C charging cable is included in the package
  • During workouts, it's possible to become a little sloppy

Does The Airpods Pro Have A Built In Waterproof Case?

There's an IPX4 rating on the AirPods Pro, which means they can go in the water. As far as the charging case is concerned, it's pretty much the same. Sometimes when you take the old case and turn it around, you can figure out how big it is.

How Does The Airpods Pro Sound, And How Does It Work?

This is always the hardest part of writing a review since everyone has a different body shape. There's also a feature that Apple added to create the Pro version even better. It's called DSP, and it's supposed to try to equalize the sound of your music dependent on the design of your ear (see more about DSPs: It's because of this that all apple AirPods pro would then sound a lot more the same from individual to individual than other headsets would. Cos of the earpieces and excellent isolation, such sound a lot better than the old version.

How Long Do The Airpods Pro's Batteries Last?

After 5 hours and 6 minutes of continuous playback with ANC turned on (when connected to an iOS device), we found that the battery life was just above average for most true wireless devices. Apple says that with active noise canceling turned on and the volume set to about 50%, you can listen to music for about 4 hours and 30 minutes at a time. So, you'll have a whole day of listening time with the charging case. It can be used with any MagSafe and Qi wireless charger, so you don't have to buy a separate charger.

Who Should Purchase Apple's Airpods Pro?

  1. AirPods Pro owners will get much more out of their Apple iPhones if they want genuine wireless earphones. These are the ideal real wireless earbuds available for the newest generation of Apple iPhones.
  2. Those who enjoy wireless technology will appreciate them, perhaps because active noise cancellation is a feature that is rather uncommon in this type of device unless you get a Beats, Sony, and Huawei brand.
  3. It will be appreciated by fitness junkies and cardiovascular beasts alike because it will really, you understand, remain inside your ears. It is sweat-resistant is also a significant benefit in this case.

How Do You Make Use of The Airpods Pro?

First, you'll want to pick the right size ear tip for the best apple AirPods Pro. The rest of your experience will depend on it. There will be a pain if the ear tips are too big or small. They will also probably fall out. When you've put in the right ear tips, they'll stay in your ear canal. After you've successfully connected the AirPods Pro to your phone, you should be able to start listening to music without having to fiddle with too many settings. Accordingly, there are a few features that the AirPods Pro incorporates to make them more useful than your average true wireless earbuds. Here are some of them.

How should the AirPods Pro be cleaned?

Your earbuds will likely get dirty very quickly if you use them every day. When you clean your ears, you should also clean your earbuds because they need the same care. Thanks to this, cleaning your AirPods Pro isn't too hard.


For only $49.99 more than the real type having the wireless charging cover, this is the best set of headphones to buy. It's worth it. The AirPods Pro sound best than that of the original series, and they have a good suitable as well as active noise canceling, too, which makes them even better. Apple users, get this.

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