Best IPhone 13 Cases to Buy in 2022

Bethany Walsh

Mar 04, 2022

This is where you'll find the best iPhone 13 case for you. We know how terrible it is to break a new gadget that you just bought accidentally. We also know how important it is to do everything to avoid this. The iPhone 13 looks great right out of the box. It's important to keep it that way. These are all going to keep your phone a little safer and smarter looking for a little longer.

iPhone 13 Silicone Case

The Apple iPhone 13 Silicone Case has a silky and soft-touch surface on the outside and a plush microfiber lining on the inside, which keeps your phone protected while also being comfortable to handle. As you'd expect from a good iPhone 13 silicone case, it's also tight, and you can add other accessories to the pile if you need to. Although it is expensive, it isn't very enjoyable in terms of the amount of convenience it provides, as is the case with most Apple accessories. Yup, it just works.

iPhone 13 Leather Case

If you buy an iPhone 13 case from Apple, you can choose from three types: this leather one, a clear one, and a silicone one. They're all great, but a little pricey. If you like real leather, the leather case is the best. This leather doesn't have a "too leathery" feel; rather, it has sufficient stiffness and rigidity. In the long run, the wear will make it look more beautiful, too. All of the buttons work perfectly with this iPhone leather case. They have the same clicky feel and even the same size and shape as the buttons on an iPhone that isn't covered. When you press the mute switch, the cutout is very small, but it's tapered, and it's in the right place. Because third-party Lightning connectors can be bigger, the cutout for the Lightning port can be a little tight.

iPhone 13 Clear Case

Make sure you keep your iPhone 13 are looking the same with this app! Optical-clear polycarbonate and flexible materials make the iPhone 13 Clear Case. It fits snugly over your iPhone's buttons without getting in the way. This case is for the iPhone 13. It is good to have a scratch-resistant coating, but all the materials used have been made to keep yellowing over time. That's both good and bad. This won't change how your iPhone looks, which is both good and bad. But it will keep it safe.

Wavecase iPhone 13 case

The Wavecase iPhone 13 case is made of biodegradable materials and doesn't use any plastic. It's a good choice for people who want to be more environmentally friendly. The case is made of wheat straw and has shock-absorbing corners that protect against accidental drops.

If you drop your phone face down, the case has a 2mm lip around it to keep your screen safe. There's also a lip around the camera. There isn't a guarantee that the Wavecase iPhone 13 case will protect your phone like a military-style case, but it still has all the features you need to use your phone every day.

Look For These Things When You Buy an Iphone 13 Case

The look of a case is very important. Your iPhone won't look like Apple made it. It'll look like the case you put it in. Besides the case's look, there are many other things to think about.

  1. Craftsmanship: If the case is made well, it should last for a long time. We can tell you if it fits perfectly if the seams and gaps have tight tolerances, and so on.
  2. Buttons: Quite a few cases have buttons that are hard to press or that don't line up with each other exactly right, which is a surprise. They must be the right size and shape for cases that don't have buttons.
  3. Charging: Some cases aren't even meant to work with wireless chargers, but that doesn't mean they don't work. Some people don't have wireless pads or stands, so we test them out on several to ensure they work. This isn't all. We also ensure that the Lightning port can be reached no matter what cable is used.


It's impossible to pick the best iPhone 13 case because everyone has different needs and tastes. But any of the options above should keep it safe. There are so many different cases, with so many different gimmicks and unique features, that it's hard to say which one is the best.

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