Best Apply TV Deals to Buy in 2022

Bethany Walsh

Mar 03, 2022

People who want to improve their streaming experience can look for the best prices on Apple TV. They can also save money. The most powerful streaming devices are in the Apple TV line, with features like HDR10 and Dolby Vision on the most recent model, as well as access to Apple services. Moreover, you can now buy the 2017 Apple TV 4K that has the best prices on Apple TVs. Here we will discuss the best apple tv deals you should purchase in 2022.

Best Apple TV Deals Across The Board

1. APPLE TV 4K (2021)

Released in April 2021, the new Apple TV 4K is an updated version of the streaming device released in 2017. It has better picture quality thanks to HDR10 and Dolby Vision. This makes the device stand out when you want to watch your favorite shows and movies from Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video.

New Siri remote: You get it with the new Apple TV Plus, Apple Music, and Apple Fitness Plus subscriptions. You can use your voice to open movies, browse options, and change the volume. You also get AirPlay, which lets you stream content from other Apple devices to your TV through your Apple TV set-top box.

Apple TV 4K starts at $179.99/£169 for the 32GB version. It also comes with 64GB. Keep an eye out for Apple TV 4K deals on Amazon in the US. So far, we've only seen a few discounts of up to $10 off at the site. Check out the best prices that are available right now.

2. Apple TV HD

A new version of Apple TV 4K will be released in 2020. Apple has also made changes to Apple TV HD. This is a little less expensive, with a list price of $149/£139/AUS$209. HD is an upgrade from Apple's entry-level 2015 model. It comes with the Siri remote, so you can open apps, browse shows, and control compatible smart home devices with your voice like you can with the 4K model.

The highest resolution supported by the two 2021 devices is the most significant distinction between them. Apple's high-definition streaming gadget supports resolutions up to Full HD at 1080p, while the Apple TV 4K supports resolutions up to Ultra HD at 2160p on its 4K display. If you don't already have a 4K TV or don't intend to purchase one shortly, it makes more sense to purchase this, which is the slightly less expensive alternative for the best Apple TV pricing available now.

3. Apple 4K TV (2017)

Now that we have a new Apple TV 4K, we see more steep discounts on this older one. A version of Apple TV 4K from 2017 is still available. This is your best chance to get a great deal. Even though this model has been out for a while now, we're likely to see more and more discounts while stocks last.

How Do You Decide Which Apple TV to Purchase?

If you want the best Apple TV experience, and you have a 4K TV that can show it off, the Apple TV 4K is the best choice. There are two versions of this: one that has 32GB and one that has 64GB. Most people will be able to get by with the 32GB version, but if you download many apps, especially games, you might want to pay more for the 64GB version.

Regarding 4K TVs, we'd recommend the 2021 Apple TV HD, which costs about $30/£30 less. This model includes many of the same features as its more expensive sister, including the new Siri remote, but it is only available with 32GB of storage. It does not support Dolby Atmos audio technology.

If you want to save money, the 2017 version of Apple TV 4K is often on sale, and it has a lot of the same features. This TV streaming device doesn't have a processor that can play 60fps movies, and it doesn't have the newer Wi-Fi standard. But if you find a deal that makes you want to buy it, it's still a good choice.


In addition to supporting high-definition video formats such as HDR10 and Dolby Vision and providing access to Apple services such as Apple TV Plus, Apple Music, and Apple Fitness Plus, Apple's television lineup contains the most powerful (and most costly) streaming devices on the market.

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