How to Clear Safari Reading List-Detailed Discussion?

Bethany Walsh

Mar 03, 2022

Apple made so many products in the last few years. The last decade was dedicated to the iPhone, as Apple brings innovation in technology. Apple is not just limited to iPhone. It also has an iPad Mac Computers. It is quite easy to transfer data like photos, contacts, and other useful things between these devices easily. Apple has another invention, which is Safari web browser. It has many features, and it is best used in apple products. We can make the reading list in it. This document will learn how to clear the safari reading list in detail.

Safari Web Browser

iPhone is not only used for making calls and sending text messages. It is also used for study purposes. Apple has created its browser. It was established in 2003. It has 15 versions. It is basically a web browser. It is just like chrome. It is used easily in iPhone; I pad and Mac computers. Unlike chrome which is better used in Android phones and windows.

There are so many features of the safari depending on the operating system it is used. It is the best for apple products. It is one of the safest and fastest to use. There are so many other browsers, but it is best among all. It has so many features. It could be used to pay apple bills, add extensions, save websites, share websites, and many others. Safari is the fastest among all browsers in iPhone. But it becomes a little slower compared to other browsers in Mac Computers. Speed is good but not that high as compared to other browsers.

  • Safari web browser key features.
  • There are so many incredible features of the Safari web browser listed below;
  • Tab bars are on the bottom of the screen, which is quite easy to access.
  • These tabs could be arranged in a group. Orientation depends on the device used.
  • Extensions could be added to it.
  • It is quite amazing in terms of privacy and safety. In other browsers, all search data appear in history. But in the case of the safari browser, it is possible to keep it private to you only.
  • Certain sites check privacy while switching the sites. But it could be possible to keep it private using safari.
  • Instead of saving every website as bookmarks, it could be done collectively.
  • Safari has an amazing feature of translating the foreign language. It has so many languages options—for example, English, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, etc.
  • Suppose you open so many tabs in the Safari web browser. It could be automatically closed after some time using the feature available.
  • Another amazing feature of the Safari web browser is that you can watch multiple videos in picture-in-picture mode.
  • In certain modes, it becomes easier to read the web page.
  • In safari, it is possible to read two pages side by side.
  • It is quite easy to download the required data from a safari web browser by using its download manager.

How to clear safari reading list

There is a difference between bookmarks and reading lists. In the case of bookmarks, they are saved in your browser all the time. But it is a bit different in the case of the reading list. These are those pages that you want to read. So, either they could be a bookmark or discarded. Here are the steps how to clear the safari reading list;

  • Open Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Click on the open book icon.
  • Click on the glasses icon.
  • Swipe right to left on entry.
  • In order to remove Webpages, click on Edit from the bottom right.
  • Select entries.
  • Then tap delete.


Apple changed the concept of technology very well. It brings revolution. It created so many products like iPhone, iPad, Mac computers, etc., safari is the web browser created by apple. It is usually easily used on iPhone, and it is like chrome. But chrome is more convenient on Android. In this document, we learn how to clear Safari reading list in detail. Safari replaced the old internet explorer browser efficiently. It is highly efficient and safer. It is the fastest among all browsers in the case of the iPhone. But if we use it in Mac Computers, the speed becomes slow still good but less than other browsers like Firefox, opera sect.

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