How to Block Spam Calls on iPhone-Everything You Need to Know

Bethany Walsh

Mar 02, 2022

iPhone is on the top among other smartphones. The last decade was the decade Of iPhone users. It brings a revolution in the world of technology. It becomes an integral part of the user's daily life. It is not only used to make calls and send text messages. But it also comes with a variety of apps to use. These apps are just magic. You can do so many things just by using a single iPhone. This document will learn how to block spam calls on iPhone.

iPhone is very famous due to its great apps. There are certain apps we need to subscribe to. They have monthly or annual basis subscriptions. iPhone could use for so many purposes. Students can make their notes; workers can organize their important documents. It could also be used for entertainment purposes.

Spam Calls

Before discussing the procedure of blocking spam calls on iPhone. First, we need to know what spam calls are. Spam calls are basically unwanted calls. It is from the source, which is not required. Sometimes you see spam text messages emails. Spam calls are the same as them. When a user receives a call from a suspected number, it is detected by a call detector and termed Spam.

Spam calls are of various types. They are inappropriate calls, and they are not relevant to the user. The user is never interested in such calls. In any case, it becomes risky to receive these calls. If someone encounters such calls, it is a must to block and report them. Spam calls are usually done by hackers. They never directly call you; rather, they hide their identity and pretend themselves as an official. They tried to hack the data from your mobile.

It is very important to block them to avoid any mess. Especially those who work in armed intelligence forces face such hackers. Similarly, it is possible that some of your rivals will do that to destroy you. So be careful regarding spam calls because spam calls are dangerous, and they are illegal. Users do not want to have such calls because they are quite annoying and irritating. They are made by a real person who aims to steal your valuable data. It may be your identity your credit card number to steal your money.

Procedure to block spam calls on iPhone

Spam calls are irrelevant calls. Users do not like such calls. Sometimes they are dangerous too. These calls are annoying and irritating, and they could make a mess for you. They are usually made by hackers. They never directly call you. They pretend someone is calling from the office, etc. They tried to hack your phone data: your credit card number and other important data.

Certain apps can detect such calls. They shield your phone from them. Still, if you encounter such spam calls and want to avoid mess so, it is necessary to block such calls. Here is a detailed procedure how to block spam calls on iPhone;

  • Go to the settings option on your iPhone.
  • Tap on the call blocking and identification option
  • Now allow the apps to block the calls
  • Provide the caller id and click the app on or off

These apps are third-party spam apps. When they are turned on. You receive a call then they compare the number with the call number to find whether it is Spam or not. If the number is termed Spam, you can block it manually.


iPhone features make it the most amazing product among other smartphones. It comes with so many amazing features which are quite attractive for the users. It is the best among all smartphones. In this document, we learn how to block spam calls on iPhone. iPhone can detect spam calls. Spam calls are from a wanted source. It is quite risky to attend the calls. If you encounter such Spam calls, you can block and report them. Because sometimes, hackers use spam calls to hack your data. So, it is very important to block them in time.

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