How to Cancel A Subscription On iPhone- All You Need To Know

Bethany Walsh

Feb 28, 2022

iPhone is a valuable product made by Apple. There are so many other products. The user could easily share their valuable data, contacts, photos among devices without the mess. iPhone launched its app store in 2008. Since that time, it has had millions of apps that are quite entertaining for users. iPhone could not only be used to make calls, but it has many other uses. Before learning about how to cancel a subscription on iPhone, let's have a quick review of its features.

By using certain apps, a user can make notes; prepare for the exams any time anywhere. An office person could organize all data and have easy access at any time. It is easy to use and a time saver. There are certainly built-in apps like a compass, app store, calculator, etc. Users can also install other apps from the app store according to requirements. You can use your iPhone as a scanner. Users can transfer funds, could pay their bills, and go shopping. It is used to take photos, make video shots and edit them. There are so many uses.

If a person does not want to have any app, it could be removed from the iPhone. Similarly, subscriptions are also done on iPhones. The payment method will be on the user's choice, either monthly or annually. All Apple devices come with various plans of subscription for the users. You can choose according to your feasibility. Some are monthly, annually and even student plans are available.

Key Points about Subscriptions on iPhone

You could subscribe to any app and service you want. Some points are important to have knowledge about before any subscription is made. The user must know the payment method and plan. Users should have knowledge about the active and inactive subscriptions on its iPhone. Some subscriptions have already been canceled, so they have shown inactive. Similarly, some subscriptions have auto-renewal. So, you must be aware of the expiry and renewal date of the subscription to avoid any mess.

In the case of the free trial period of subscription, the scenario is a bit different. Suppose the user cancels any paid subscription. Users could use it till its expiry date but in the case of a free trial subscription. If the user cancels, it results in the immediate loss of access to the subscription. Similarly, there is a concept that if we delete the app, the subscription will automatically be canceled. But it's not like that. In the case of paid subscription, it is required to check and unsubscribe before deleting the app manually. In the case of the free trial, if the user does not want to renew it. Then it is mandatory to cancel the subscription before 24 hours of the expiry date.

Cancellation of Subscription

Every iPhone user could make subscriptions of its own choice. App Store is full of apps to enjoy. Similarly, there are a lot of services available to subscribers. There are different sorts of subscription plans and payment methods. Certain subscriptions are available on a free trial basis, while others have certain charges. Some subscriptions are automatically renewed. If you cancel any subscription, it could be used till the expiry date. Here is the step-by-step method of canceling any subscription on iPhone:

  1. In order to cancel the subscription, the first step is to open the Settings app.
  2. After that user has to tap on its name.
  3. Then click on the subscription.
  4. Then click on the subscription user want to cancel.
  5. In the end, click on the cancel subscription.
  6. In this way, the subscription will be canceled on iPhone.


Apple products are very valuable. They bring revolution in the world of technology and help people with their daily tasks. iPhone is used to make notes to organize files and data, but it also has a creative part. Users have so many useful apps to enjoy the magic of technology. There is a facility for a digital subscription. We could unsubscribe them because we have already learned how to cancel a subscription on iPhone.

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