How to Check Data Usage On iPhone- Everything You Need To Know

Bethany Walsh

Feb 28, 2022

iPhone is a valuable product made by Apple. There are so many other products. The user could easily share the contact, photos, and so many other things among the apple devices without any mess. iPhone is used not only to make calls, but you can also take so many works from it. You can access the digital world with just a single click. But for this purpose, an internet connection is required. Similarly, mobile data could be used. Before learning how to check data usage on iPhone, let's discuss some other key points as well.

Mobile Data- Detailed review

An external internet connection is required to use many apps on iPhone. But Wi-Fi___33 is not available all the time, so cellular or mobile data could also be used. Mobile data is measured on the phone. The units used for measuring the mobile data are MB (megabyte) or GB (Gigabyte). Mobile data is used to connect the phone to the internet. Without using mobile data, a user could make calls and messages. The user is able to take photos to make videos on iPhone without using data.

There is always a limit on the data in mobile. For this, data management for the apps is required in the iPhone. First of all, it is necessary to understand which features and activities on iPhone use data of your mobile. Not all the activities on iPhone require data; for example, you can call, text to anyone without having data; similarly, built-in apps like calculators, cameras, notes making apps, calendars, music, videos could be run without using mobile data.

But still, there are so many third-party apps that use mobile data like Netflix, HBO, etc. Similarly, emails could be done by using data. GPS, social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter all need mobile data to be accessed. In the same way, they are using YouTube, downloading, sending audio and videos to others via WhatsApp and other mediums that require cellular data.

Step BY Step Method To Check Data Usage

There are certain activities on iPhone which require internet. If Wi-Fi is not available. Then by using the cellular network, mobile data could be used. The user could manage that which apps have to work with data.

In case of limited data available on your iPhone, it is important to have a check on it. In order to avoid any extra payment at the end of the month. Data usage statics are also available on the iPhone. Similarly, users can check that which app uses how much data. There is a facility to stop the app from using mobile data.

It is very important to understand data usage. In order to avoid any mess at the end. Because different use of data result in extra money at the end of the month, checking data is very important and logical. Let us discuss the steps in detail;

  • First, open the iPhone setting
  • Click on the cellular option
  • The screen shows the current period tab
  • The number in front of the current Period indicates the data used on your iPhone ( below there is a detail of the data used by each app. From there, you can control whether you want to run the app using mobile data)
  • Suppose you are not sure about the current Period. It will be checked at the bottom with the "reset statistics" title. It has a date from which the current Period has started.
  • From here, you could reset the current Period as well to compare the data usage with the billing plan.


Apple products are very valuable. They have magic in them, and they bring revolution in the world of technology. They are used for so many purposes. In some tasks, we need to use mobile data as well as learn how to check data usage on iPhone in detail. It is measured in MB or GB. Not all, but certain apps could use mobile data to work. Similarly, social media apps, email, and downloading require either Wi-Fi or mobile data. Mobile data could be checked anytime to manage it and improve the iPhone's working.

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