How to Delete Apps From iPhone - Learn About the Method

Bethany Walsh

Feb 26, 2022

There are so many iPhone lovers around. iPhone is the top brand of the Phone, and it basically needs no introduction. Here we learn about how to delete apps from iPhones in detail. But before that, we should have some quick reviews about iPhone. iPhone 1 was released back in 2007. The journey started in 2007 is still on the way. Now we have so many models of iPhone. Each is better than the previous one.

The software used in iPhone is IOS ( iPhone Operating system). iPhone is the best product ever, bringing a revolution in the digital world. Initially, people only relied on computers, but iPhone has changed the concept completely. Apple has so many other products like Mac computer, iPad, etc. If users have iPhone and other Apple products, then sharing data is quite easy. The user could transfer data, pictures, and contact from one to other without any mess.

iPhone brings the whole world in your hand. It shrinks the world for you, and you can reach any destination with just a single click. iPhone is not only used to make calls; it is also used for making notes and other creative things. For example, many entertaining apps are also available in the app store, which can be installed anytime.

App Store of Apple

The App store of Apple was launched back in 2008. Since that time so many advancements have done in this regard; now, the app store has almost 2.1 million apps. You know what; apps changed the whole scenario. Apps bring the whole world to your Phone. You can do so many things by staying in your home with just one click. That was just a thought a few years back, but now it is a reality due to App Store apps.

You can use your iPhone to transfer money. You can use it as a torch. You can check the weather. You can manage all your documents. You can make notes, organize them and send them to anyone at any time. You can do calculations via a calculator. You have a calendar in your hand. As far as entertainment is concerned, you can watch movies, take selfies, shoot videos, and do editing in them. You could scan the bar codes of products. You can pay your bills. So instead of only making calls and texting. You have so many other options while using the App Store on your iPhone.

Step By Step Process Of Deleting Apps

Apps are good to use. But sometimes people find some apps boring or useless. So, Apple users do not need to be a worry as you can enjoy the unlimited apps of the iPhone. Similarly, you can get rid of them as well. There are so many reasons users want to remove the app from their Phone; sometimes users find it boring, useless, maybe have some privacy concern, errors occur in-app, issues during updating of apps, traffic of ads.

The question is whether the apps would be permanently deleted, or we could recover and install them any other time. It is possible to remove them from the Home screen in modern technology, and they will still be available in the App library. Now we learn a few steps required to delete an unwanted app from the iPhone;

  1. Click and hold the app on the home screen
  2. Click on the remove app
  3. Then click remove from the home screen (this way, it will be removed from the home screen but still available in the library)
  4. Now to delete it from the library
  5. Click on the app and hold it in-app library
  6. Tap the delete app
  7. Then click delete
  8. In this way, it will be deleted from iPhone.


iPhone has magic in it for its lover. Apple has so many useful products, and it has a positive influence on the customers. In this digital world, apple makes a difference. It brings revolutions in the field of technology. We have a quick review of the apple products, especially the iPhone. It is used for so many creative things other than just making a call or taking selfies. In this article, we learn how it is helpful, especially we understand why we have to delete an app from it and how to delete apps from iPhone in detail.

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