Chipolo One Spot Review: Is It a Good Airtag Alternative?

Bethany Walsh

Feb 20, 2022

The Chipolo One Spot and the Airtag are two different brands of tracking devices.

The AirTag is a Bluetooth external battery with a more extended range than the Chipolo One Spot. Still, it does not have an internal battery for cell phone charging.

On the other hand, the AirTag can only be tracked if you are within range of its proximity.

Both items will help you find lost things and both brands have their own positives and negatives, so you should decide which one is best for your needs and lifestyle. The post is written to assist you in making this decision by giving as many details as possible about Chipolo One Spot.

Pros of using the Chipolo One Spot include:

It is a small item that can be placed into any bag.

The Chipolo is not much larger than a quarter, and it comes with an attached clip so you can put it in your pocket or any other sort of place. It comes in an “almost black” color. This makes it very attractive for almost everyone. The Chipolo One Spot is only .28 ounces, and it can easily fit into your hand, so you can carry it everywhere with you.

It has a powerful Bluetooth signal that can track a person even within 200 feet of an open area.

With the Chipolo One Spot, you will be able to track your items as long as you have adequate coverage and don't move from your normal place.

It is inexpensive.

The Chipolo One Spot is only $28. There are no hidden fees or other charges that can come up in the future that could charge extra money on top of the cost of the product itself or its batteries. This makes it very affordable and easy for anyone to afford this item because there are no extra costs for tracking devices like this one. The cost is the price of a cell phone, and it works well for finding lost items by covering any kind of distance, even if it is farther than you can see your item with your own eyes.

It has a very long battery life that can last up to 2 years without recharging.

This makes it very simple because there is no need to constantly charge or put extra batteries in the item. Once you walk far enough away from your item, Chipolo will beep, and that should give you some sort of indication as to what type of distance you are from the item.

Cons of the Chipolo One Spot include:

It only gives you an indication of the distance between you and the item being tracked.

The Chipolo One Spot will only beep when you are walking away from it or when it is right beside your device. It does not have a way to track people who are walking towards you, nor does it let you know where your item is at all times. This can be a problem if your item moves while you are out at work or if someone steals your item and takes it outside of the range that your Chipolo One can cover.

The Chipolo One Spot cannot track items inside of buildings and indoors either.

When you are in an office building or a house, the Chipolo One Spot can be very limited in tracking your device. If someone steals your item and is either carrying it into another building or hiding it somewhere, the Chipolo One Spot will not work at all.

The Chipolo One Spot does not have to track items that do not have Bluetooth capabilities.

If you lose a device that does not have Bluetooth, such as an iPod or a regular cell phone, the Chipolo One Spot will not track those items because they do not have any way to connect with this tracking device. This can be a problem because you can find your item but not know exactly where it is.

The Chipolo One Spot does not have any warning lights or beeps to tell you when you have found your item and where it is located.

You need to rely on the distance that the Chipolo One Spot gives you to locate your item. Also, there are no warnings when you get too close or too far, which can cause problems if you do not know exactly how far away your item is located at all times.

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