Best USB C Hubs for iPad in 2022

Martin Wilson

Feb 15, 2022

We understand what you're saying. When it comes to your new best USB-C hub design, the aesthetics aren't that important because you're looking for a solution to the problem of limited port options. But hold on a second. This device will be sitting on your desk for the rest of your working day. It has to be professional-looking!

If you've already done some research and seen some of the options available, you've probably noticed that the lower a price tag is the chunkier and more box-like the design tends to be. You'll have to spend more than $30 to get a USB-C hub that doesn't stand out like a sore thumb from the crowd.


Don't forget to think about the materials as well. It will have an impact on how your USB-C Hub looks and behaves. In general, lower-end products will be constructed of less expensive plastic. The more expensive metallic options, on the other hand, come with a bonus: your USB-C Hub will be both sturdy and stylish.

If you opt for a less expensive USB-C hub for iPad, you may end up with a tacky and underwhelming product in comparison. In the short term, it is unlikely that this will impact performance. However, when used over a longer period, less expensive products are more likely to break down, resulting in a greater financial outlay when it comes time to replace them. Cable Length Another important consideration is the cable's overall length. Most people discover that their cable is too short, far too late. As a result, make certain that the cable connecting your chosen Hub is long enough for what you intend to do.

With a tablet or mobile device, you'll typically require a longer cable than you might otherwise require. It will relieve you of the burden of having to rest your iPad USB-C Hub on your already overburdened lap. Depending on whether you are using a laptop or a desktop computer, a shorter cable might be a good choice. For most users, the longer the connection time, the better because you never know what you might want to connect your Hub to next.

The Functionality of the Hub

Another important factor to consider is how useful the USB-C Hub you intend to purchase is. It is where we get into the specifics of the situation. Not all USB-C hubs are created equal, and as you might expect, price and functionality are inversely proportional. You'll have to spend a little more, of course, if you want long-term value and the greatest possible versatility.

In A USB-C Hub, Look for the Following Features:

Purchasing a USB-C hub/dongle can be a difficult decision. If you've been looking at the various models on the internet, you're probably already aware that they're all jam-packed with different ports. However, to prevent you from becoming overwhelmed by the choices, we've put together a small checklist of the features you should look for in a USB-C port. Take a look at the examples below:

1. An additional USB-C Port with Power Delivery Capability (PD)

Because the iPad Pro/Air only has a single USB-C port, it will take up that port regardless of which USB-C hub you connect to it. While your iPad's battery may be able to power all of your devices for some time, it is still limited in its capacity. Ensure that the USB-C Hub you purchase for your iPad includes an additional Type-C port capable of supporting Power Delivery (PD).

2. Gigabit Ethernet Is the Second Type of Network

If you're working on your iPad Pro or iPad Air while connected to a USB-C hub, you're almost certainly sitting at a desk. And there's a good chance you have access to a wired Internet connection into which you can plugin. A USB-C hub with a Gigabit Ethernet port will allow you to take advantage of wired Internet speeds while also gaining access to massive amounts of available bandwidth. Keep an eye out for it.

3. A Thunderbolt Connector

The new iPad Pro has a Type-C port that supports a Thunderbolt connection, providing significantly faster bandwidth compared to the older iPad Pro. If you own the new iPad Pro, make sure the USB-C Hub you purchase has a Thunderbolt port capable of supporting high-speed connections to displays and other peripherals.

4. There Are Four USB-A Ports

The USB-C connector is slowly but steadily taking over the world. However, for the time being, the classic USB-A connector is still the standard connection for the vast majority of everyday electronic devices. If you're going to be using your iPad for office work, you'll likely be connecting it to external hard drives and pen drives, both of which require USB-A connectivity. Ensure that the USB-C Hub you purchase has USB-A ports compatible with the connection.

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