Which Apple Earbuds Are the Most Appropriate for You?

Martin Wilson

Feb 11, 2022

When the AirPods Pro was released in 2019, they were the best of the finest earbuds on the market. However, the Beats Fit Pro has given them some significant competition. Because Apple makes both devices, they are both equipped with the strong H1 chipset, which has various new features like adaptive EQ, spatial audio with dynamic head tracking, audio sharing, and automated device switching. Because both models have active noise cancellation (ANC) and a transparency mode, it's difficult to determine which one is the superior earphone in this comparison. Let's take a deeper look at AirPods pro vs beats fit pro.

Which One Should You Go for and Why?

At first sight, it seems like the Beats Fit Pro will provide you with more value for your money, but there is more to this purchase than just the price. For example, if you have sensitive or tiny ears, the wingtips on the Beats may be irritating for you. It is possible to experience some pressure on the ear while using the Beats Fit Pro, particularly the tactile button. Because the AirPods Pro does not have a wingtip and is operated by squeezing the stem, they are considered much more comfortable by certain users.

If wireless charging, namely MagSafe wireless charging, is crucial to you, the AirPods Pro has another selling factor in their favor. That MagSafe charging case will click right into place and charge your device at the quickest possible rate. The USB-C charging connector on the Beats Fit Pro, on the other hand, is much quicker, so this is unlikely to be a dealbreaker for most people.

On the other hand, Android users will want to choose Beats since they are designed to operate better with the operating system. Many of the amazing H1 features will not be available to Android users who use the AirPods Pro because they are only compatible with iOS devices. Unless you want to use dynamic head tracking, which is only accessible on Apple smartphones, this isn't the case with Beats Fit Pro, which is available on Android and iOS devices. Overall, it seems that the Beats Fit Pro are the more appealing purchase for the time being, but any of these earbuds will provide incredible music quality and a slew of unique features.

Battery Life and Charging Case

It is possible to listen for up to 4.5 hours with the AirPods Pro while just charging them once. When used in conjunction with the charging case, you may enjoy up to 24 hours of music before having to recharge. If you have a Lightning cable or any wireless Qi charger, you may simultaneously charge the case and AirPods. As an added bonus, the newest AirPods model has a MagSafe compatible charging case, including a magnet that will adhere to compatible chargers.

With the Beats Fit Pro, you may listen to music for up to 6 hours before having to recharge your device. You may listen for up to 24 hours with the charging case, which is the same amount of time as the AirPods Pro. The charging choices for the Beats Fit Pro are more restricted than those for the Beats Solo. With the provided USB-C to USB-C charging connection, you can charge both the case and the earphones simultaneously.

Controls and Features

When it comes to a big competition, one thing that sets the Beats Fit Pro apart is that they are almost identical to the Apple AirPods Pro in terms of feature set and design. This isn't merely a piece of well-designed software: Apple's H1 chip is responsible for the AirPods Pro's ability to operate in the iPhone ecosystem, and the Fit Pro also has it (Apple owns Beats, after all). As a result, the feature lists of the two headphones are almost identical in terms of functionality. Not only do both pairs include top features such as Adaptive Noise Cancellation, Transparency Mode, and AutoPlay/Pause, but they also include all of the iPhone extras such as iCloud/Audio Sharing, Spatial Audio, Hands-free "Hey Siri," and every other feature that people have come to expect from the AirPods system.

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