The Best Smart Speakers for Your Home

Martin Wilson

Feb 08, 2022

The best smart speakers are one of the most flexible devices you can possess, and it is one of the most expensive. Not only does it allow you to stream your favorite music from a variety of different streaming services, but it also includes a voice assistant that can free up your hands by allowing you to control music, set timers, and even provide you with the latest news headlines or sports scores by simply speaking into the device.

Whether you choose to interact with Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri, a smart speaker will meet your needs and budget. Even though there are a plethora of Amazon Echo and Google Nest models to pick from, as well as Apple's HomePod, smart speakers from third-party manufacturers such as Bose and Sonos should also be taken into consideration. These smart speakers are equipped with both Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to pick which voice assistant you'd want to use the majority of the time.

When it comes to smart speakers, they are a cost-effective method to operate your smart home gadgets without having to reach for your phone. Simply by issuing a single order, you can guarantee that your smart lights are illuminated at the appropriate brightness for the time of day or that a coffee maker linked to a smart plug begins brewing a hot beverage. It is also possible for smart speakers to function as a chime for the finest video doorbells or home security cameras, playing a tone to notify you when motion is detected, or the doorbell is pushed. Some even enable you to chat with anybody else in the camera's field of vision while using the device.

2nd Gen Sonos One

There are louder speakers available and those that are more portable, but at the moment, no smart speaker is a better purchase than the Sonos One. There are many areas where this product excels, including sound quality, dependable multiroom audio, and smart-home functionality. In addition, it's likely to be compatible with any ecosystem you prefer—it comes pre-configured with Alexa functionality, but it also supports Google Assistant and Apple's AirPlay 2 technology.

On the audio front, the Sonos One delivers excellent results. It boasts a well-balanced sound profile and a powerful (but never boomy) bass response for a speaker of this size and price. According to the company, it links to around 100 streaming audio services across the globe, which is the vast majority of them. It's also one of the finest smart speakers to purchase if you're planning to put up a home theatre system since it can be connected to Sonos' bigger speakers and its TV soundbar.

The fact that Sonos' older speakers were not going to get firmware upgrades were a source of controversy in 2020, and it's worth mentioning. There is currently a workaround to support older gear, but this is regrettably a fact of computer-powered speakers; unlike their analog counterparts, you cannot expect them to endure indefinitely.

4th Gen Amazon Echo

Choosing which virtual assistant you want to be at the heart of your smart home is a difficult decision. Both Alexa and Google Assistant are compatible with a wide range of devices. Both make it simple to manage and control them while providing excellent audio performance. Alexa is a bit smarter than Google Assistant, but she works with many smart home devices and makes setting them up with voice commands simpler. As a result of Alexa and the $100 Amazon Echo, we'll award Amazon the advantage in the best smart speaker category owing to Alexa and the fourth-generation Echo.

If your smart speaker detects anything unusual, such as glass shattering or a smoke alarm going off, Alexa may send you an alert. The latest Echo combines the standard Alexa smarts with a speaker that sounds fantastic and includes a built-in smart-home Zigbee hub, allowing you to sync your tiny sensors with it instead of having to purchase additional equipment. The Echo Dot is available in two colors: white and black.

Bose Portable Smart Speaker

The Bose Portable Smart Speaker is the finest portable smart speaker on the market. This battery-powered speaker comes with a built-in carrying handle to make it easier to transport. It has excellent voice assistant compatibility, with Alexa and Google Assistant pre-installed, and you can trust it to comprehend your requests even when you are far away or in a loud environment. When you don't want your assistance to hear what you're saying, you may press the mute mic button.

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