How to Make a GIF on Your iPhone?

Martin Wilson

Feb 05, 2022

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is becoming more popular in the age of social media and memes than expected. You can make GIFs on your iPhone by simple methods like by using GIPHY, by using Live Photos, and by using the Shortcuts app. Now, creating the GIF from pictures and videos is easier than you might think.

Before 2000, you required advanced editing software and desktop computers to build GIFs. But now, you don't need any particular software to create a GIF. You just need a smartphone to make your own GIF animations because GIF creation is automated now. GIFS are a few seconds of clips that don't include audio. These short clips are used during online communication in text messages, online forums, and other chat apps.

Have you wondered whether or not you can make a GIF on iPhone, how to make a GIF from pictures, or how to make a GIF from videos? No worries. In this article, you will get to know how to make a GIF on your iPhone using three simple methods. Ready to make GIF on your iPhone? Let's dive in!

1. Make the GIF on your iPhone by using Live Photos

You can make the GIF with an exclusive feature already on your iPhone, Live Photos. Live Photos is the easiest method that allows you to whip up GIFs. It captures a few seconds of motion and audio. Live photos can let you create GIF animations easily. It captures three seconds video instead of a single image which is 1.5 seconds before the picture and 1.5 seconds after the picture. Here are some steps to take a live photo and to turn a live photo into a GIF on your iPhone:

  • First of all, open the camera to take a live photo and tap the Bullseye icon in the top right corner of your iPhone screen until it shows the animation and the yellow live label appears.
  • Open the Photos app and tap at the Live Photos album.
  • Scroll down to the media and choose the Live Photo you want to convert into a GIF.
  • Once your live photo is chosen, swipe it upwards to see the effects list. You will see the list of effects including Live, Loop, Bounce, and Long Exposure.
  • Use either loop or Bounce effect to make a GIF effectively. Tap on this effect and it will turn the Live Photo into GIF.
  • Tap the Share menu to send the GIF in an email, messages, Twitter, and more.
  • In the media types header, you'll see the Animated option. There you'll see the all Live Photos saved that are converted into GIFS.

2. Make a GIF on your iPhone by using Shortcuts App

Using the Shortcuts app is one of the easiest ways to make GIF on iPhone. Shortcuts is a free app you can always download. If you hold down the Camera Shutter button for longer, you'll take burst photos that are of high quality. You can turn these burst photos into GIFS by using the Shortcuts App. Follow these steps to make a smooth GIF:

  • Download the Shortcuts app on the App store. It is pre-installed on iPhones.
  • Search and download the Convert Burst to GIF Shortcut. Moreover, you can download Video to GIF Shortcut too.
  • Run the shortcut. It will show the list of your burst images.
  • Select the burst image you want and it will be converted into a GIF within a few seconds.
  • Tap Done and you can share the GIF with your friends or save it in photos on your iPhone.

3. Make a GIF on your iPhone by using GIPHY

Last but not least, you can get creative with your GIFS using GIPHY. It allows you to share your huge new creations with the world and you can shoot &''' edit new videos and save them as GIFS animations. GIPHY is a popular app that is available on the App store.

You need to download it and sign up for an account as you do to sign up on Facebook and Apple ID. It is the best GIF maker that can make animated GIFS from photos, videos, and other GIFS. Follow these steps to make the GIF on your iPhone:

  • Install the GIPHY app and open it.
  • Press the create button in the top right of your screen.
  • Here you can make the GIF from your photos or make a new GIF.
  • Choose the image from media that you want to turn into GIF.
  • You can add stickers, effects to your image.
  • Once you've made it exactly as you want it, press the purple arrow, Upload to the GIPHY.
  • Save it to your iPhone and share it with your friends.

The Bottom Line

Among these ways, GIPHY is the popular and fastest way to create smooth &''' fine GIFS animations. Now, you can make these short clips on your iPhone by using any of the above-mentioned options. Create the GIF quickly on your device in no time and share it on your social networks!

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