A Guide about Camera Shutter Sound

Martin Wilson

Feb 02, 2022

Turning down the camera shutter sound on iPhone is certainly something you'll need to do from time to time on your phone. Besides being distracting, it's also rather noisy while shooting night pictures or in calm areas of the country. Similar issues arise with screenshot sound that does not serve a very useful function. When it comes to turning off camera shutter sounds on iPhone or disabling screenshot sounds on iPhone, you have arrived at the perfect spot. We'll walk you through the process of how to disable the camera shutter sound on an iPhone.

Live Photos

Enabling Live Photos in the iPhone Camera app is one of the quickest and most effective methods of turning off-camera sound. By default, when Live Photos is enabled, your shutter sound is switched off in order to save battery life. Locate the Live Photos icon on your mobile screen. The Live Photos control is represented as a sequence of circles in the upper right corner of the screen in iOS 14. To turn it on, press the button. When the Live Photos button is highlighted in yellow, it indicates that the feature is active. When the button is white, it indicates that it is turned off. While Live Photographs are similar to ordinary photos, which store a tiny movie for each snap you take, it takes up far more storage space than other photos. If you don't want live photographs to be shown all of the time, be sure you touch to turn it off. To fine-tune the control, tap the arrow in the upper center of the screen. The options are Auto, On, and Off. Go ahead and take a silent snapshot.

Silent Switch

The mute button located on the side of your iPhone is the quickest and most convenient method to turn off the camera sound. Every iPhone model features a ring/silent switch located on the left side of the device, near the top center. When your iPhone is in silent mode, it will not ring in response to phone calls or other notifications. Vibrations will occur if the Vibrate on the Silent slider is activated in the Settings >'' Sounds &'' Haptics section of the menu. Importantly, putting your iPhone in silent mode also disables the camera and screenshot sound from playing on the device.

Reduce the Volume

It is possible to mute the camera sound on your iPhone by simply reducing the volume on your smartphone manually. Normally, you can modify this by pressing and holding the Volume Up and Down keys on the left side of your iPhone. If you push them at the same time that you are using the camera, it will capture a photo instead. Before you launch the Camera app, just tap and hold the Volume down button until all of the volumes have been turned down, or at the very least have been reduced to your desired level of silence. Alternatively, you may use Control Center to adjust the level if you wish.


In several countries, most notably Japan and South Korea, the camera shutter sound is always on, even when the camera is not being used. Shutter muting is not permitted in these countries because the phones that are purchased and sold in these markets are tailored to provide complete privacy and prevent unauthorized recording or photographing. Although it is not a legal requirement, manufacturers and Japanese cellular service providers have agreed to design phones in this manner so that they make a distinct noise whenever the phone is opened, or the camera is used, despite the fact that it is not a regulation. If you are a resident or visitor in one of these certain countries, your camera app will generate noise even if you turn your iPhone device's volume down.

You can get around this by doing things like covering the speaker as you shoot, which muffles the sound. You may also utilize the headphone jack to take images while wearing your headphones and act as a shutter for the photos. Another alternative is to use third-party camera programs rather than the built-in camera app on your iPhone to take pictures. Finally, you may utilize the volume keys on your iPhone to function as shutter buttons as the last option.

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