Can You Operate iPhone Camera without Touching The Mobile?

Martin Wilson

Feb 01, 2022

Apple's iPhones are often equipped with a high-quality camera that can capture both still and moving images that are worth sharing. Several people have also reported using a tripod or leaning the iPhone against a rock to get group photographs or record movies with little jitter. Of course, you may just set a timer and walk away from the situation. There are, however, methods for capturing images and movies completely without using your hands. In this article, we will explain how to remotely control your iPhone's camera.

Apple Watch

You can practically control iPhone camera from your Apple Watch, and you can shoot photographs and movies without ever having to take your hands off your Apple Watch. Indeed, you will not have accessibility to every option available on your iPhone's Camera app; but, there are still many things you may do. First and foremost, the Camera Remote app on the Apple Watch serves as a viewfinder, assisting you in framing the ideal photo. Set a timer, adjust the flash, activate high dynamic range (HDR), swap between the front and back cameras, and more are all possible with this feature. Zooming in and out is accomplished by using the Digital Crown on the Watch. The Apple Watch can be used as a remote shutter, making it simple to snap photographs and movies without having to touch your iPhone or any other electronic device.


You can enlist Siri's assistance to take the photo from a distance. When you tell Siri to take a picture, Siri launches the Camera app, but it does not press the shutter button. Instead, you may use a built-in Siri shortcut called "Say Cheese," which is short for "say cheese." Open the Shortcuts app on your phone and choose Gallery. In the Search field, enter the phrase "Say Cheese." Click on "Search." First, open the shortcut by tapping it and then hit the Add Shortcut button to add a shortcut. The first time you attempt to use the shortcut, Siri will prompt you to allow it to access your camera and your images, which you should do. To proceed, press OK. From then on, just say, "Hey Siri, say Cheese," and Siri will snap the picture for you, albeit you'll still need to urge your subject to grin before the shot is taken.

Camera Shutter Remote

The use of a camera shutter remote, which interacts with your iPhone through Bluetooth, is an additional alternative. Amazon has a wide selection of remote controls, many of which are under $10. After linking the remote with your iPhone, just press the button on the remote when you're ready, and the image will be shot automatically.

Voice Control

When the Camera app is active on your iPhone, you may trigger the shutter by pressing the Volume Up or Volume Down button, which may be a more convenient choice than touching the screen. However, you will still need to interact with your phone. Instead, the secret is to engage one of the volume buttons remotely, which you may accomplish by speaking into the microphone. To enable voice control on your phone, navigate Settings >'' Accessibility >'' Voice Control >'' Enable. Turn on the Voice Control switch if it is not already on. Then use the Camera application and compose your photo. Saying "Turn up the volume" or "Turn down the volume" will cause the shutter to be activated. Just be sure to switch off Voice Control after using the program.

Hand Gestures

There are many applications available on the App Store that allow you to manage the camera with just your hand motions. Selfie and group picture applications of this kind are quite useful when shooting a selfie or a group shot. Kaca is one of the most popular gesture-based picture applications available on the App Store. It is available for both iOS and Android devices. Not only does it allow you to capture photographs without having to touch your iPhone, but you can also modify the gestures that are offered. Simply waving your hand while the app is active will take a picture. In addition, the program has granular settings such as white balance and exposure adjustment and a built-in picture editing tool.


As you can see, there are various options for taking photographs and recording movies on your iPhone without having to press the camera shutter button directly. Depending on what you're shooting, these techniques will almost certainly assist you in getting the photo you want.

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