How to Customize iPhone Widgets Icons Shortcuts?

Martin Wilson

Jan 27, 2022

Apple added support for home screen widgets in iOS 14, allowing iPhone users to customize everything that appears on their home screen to their liking. How about custom widgets and app icons for your iPhone? Do you have a clue how to do that? While Apple has given pre-made widgets for many of its native applications, there are a plethora of third-party apps available in the App Store that are specifically meant to assist users with their iPhone home screen. Some programs even allow users to create their themes, which encourages them to share their Avatar, the Last Airbender, Animal Crossing, and Microsoft Paint-inspired layouts. Here you'll find how to customize iPhone widgets icons shortcuts?

Reduce the Number of Applications

To begin, reduce the number of applications currently shown on your home screen. When there are too many applications, the screen might seem messy. It will also take less time if you just have a few apps on your home screen to modify the icon for every app on your home screen. To delete an app from your home screen, just hold down on it while selecting "remove from the home screen." You are not going to delete it. You can locate it in the App Library by swiping from the right side of your home screen, or you can search for it by pulling it down on your home screen. In addition to the information and recommendations on how to elegantly organize your home screen and make optimal use of the App Library that Apple provides on their help website.

Locate the App Icons You Want To Use

Now that you have a small number of applications on your home screen go out and locate some photographs on the internet or in your camera library that you'd want to use as application icons. There are hundreds of themed icon packs available for purchase and download, all of which can be done online in a matter of seconds and for a very low price or free. Aside from that, some certain applications and websites provide free iPhone icons that you may download and use. Alternatively, you may utilize a photograph you have already taken and saved.

  • Shortcuts can be used to substitute applications
  • Launch the Shortcuts application
  • To create a new Shortcut, click on the Plus button in the top right corner.
  • Add a new action by using the Add Action button
  • To open the application, click the Open App button
  • Select the app you wish to launch by tapping the term App and select
  • Select Add to Home Screen from the settings menu in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Give your shortcut a meaningful name
  • Choose a photo by tapping the picture to the left of the name and selecting it. To utilize a picture from your Photos library as your new icon, choose one from the Photos library. (If you want a real icon picture, you may download one to your Mac and upload it to Photos.)
  • When you tap Add in the top right corner, a popup will appear informing you that the shortcut has been added to the home screen.

Your new shortcut may be seen on your home screen, which you can access from your device. Long-press the app icon to remove it from your home screen; then, pick Remove App and Move to App Library from the drop-down menu. If the original app icon is still on your home screen, long-press it to remove it from your home screen. That procedure should be repeated for each app you wish to retain on your home screen, and then you should uninstall all of the others, keeping them in your App Library as a backup. When replacing your programs with shortcuts in this manner, there are three things to keep in mind.

First and foremost, you will not get the little red notification badges that appear in the corners of your iPhone shortcuts, as you would with actual programs. Secondly, when you start an app through a shortcut, a brief Shortcuts banner notice will appear first before the app is launched. Third, you'll no longer be able to long-press on the app icon to access any fast actions it may have since the shortcut will not have any of those features.


When you use your new icon to get to the app, you may sometimes see a little drop-down notification that informs you of the name of the original app and reminds you that it is a shortcut to that app. It's just going to be there for a second or two, so it shouldn't be too much of an inconvenience.

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