Everything You Need to Know About AirTag

Martin Wilson

Jan 27, 2022

Even though Apple's new trackers have a variety of beneficial applications, you may be worried about your privacy or that you are being monitored without your knowledge at this moment. Apple AirTag is a small and incredibly valuable tracking gadget that, under the correct conditions, can provide a long-term estimate of battery life as well as exact location capabilities. Instead of using GPS trackers, which often need cellular connectivity, resulting in significant battery usage, an AirTag makes use of the dispersed 'Find Me' network of iPhones, iPads, and Macs that hundreds of millions of users have on their person or in their possession. Even though some of the applications for AirTags have not been authorized by Apple, they include locating people and controlling pets. So how to find block disable airtag?

Find, Block, and Disable AirTag

According to the terms of service, everyone whose devices send safe, privacy-protecting location information about their devices and AirTags has essentially opted into the Find My network. Everyone in your immediate vicinity becomes a possible participant in monitoring and AirTag that you are unaware of. You may, at the very least, opt-out; however, doing so would prevent you from being able to trace your own lost or stolen iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, or AirTag via this expanded network.

  • Settings >''' account name >''' Find My >''' Find My iPhone/iPad

Earlier versions of iOS and macOS do not support the Find My Network feature by default. Suppose you often travel across urban and suburban regions and on public transit. In that case, other people's devices will continue to pick up and send location information about any AirTag that you are carrying. Something as harmless as pulling over to a rest area on a highway and discovering that someone 50 feet away is using an iPhone or even driving on a highway while passing by other individuals using iPhones or iPads linked to cellular networks falls under this category.

It's possible to learn more about an AirTag without exposing your findings to its owner. By using the AirTag's NFC capabilities, any NFC-capable device may connect to the gadget and obtain its URL directly from it. Because they adhere to an industry standard for NFC encoding, Android phones, and other NFC-enabled devices fall under this heading. When you click on the URL link, you'll be sent to a website with the serial number for the AirTag. If the item is reported lost, the website will publish the owner's phone number. Nobody can tell whether their webpage has been loaded, and Apple even goes so far as not to name the webpage explicitly to keep website owners' information private.

There's a chance that you'll be the target of unwanted spying. If you decide to file a civil action, seek a restraining order, or notify police enforcement authorities, the serial number may be helpful. To go along with the device pairing, an iCloud account, and an iOS device with a connected account, anybody actively monitoring you will leave a digital footprint.

Apple utilizes end-to-end encryption whenever a user sends location data from one of their iOS devices to another. This information can only be obtained using the Find Me app on the recipient's phone. The information kept on the gadget, on the other hand, is not as safe. A particular iPhone or iPad might be linked to an AirTag by law enforcement and other investigators throughout the nation. Some abusers and others may be discouraged because they can be readily tracked down.

A rock or a hammer isn't necessary to disarm the AirTag; as long as you have the information, you need to do it. Unlike other Apple devices, the battery in the AirTag is replaceable. Applying pressure to the metal underbelly of the device and rotating it counter-clockwise will allow you to remove the battery (from the top right to the upper left).


As long as your iOS or iPadOS device can receive Bluetooth signals, you may use a basic Bluetooth tracker to scan the area around you and determine whether or not an AirTag is there. AirTags can't be tracked with these applications, but these apps have all of the necessary parameters.

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