In Windows 10, How Can You Record Audio Files?

Martin Wilson

Jan 22, 2022

In Windows 10, audio recording is a breeze. Software to record the Input and a microphone is all you need. A sound recording program isn't necessary, however. Many excellent premium apps exist, but you can also get a lot of value from free ones. That's especially true if you're only going to do a quick pass through the editing process.

We've identified two sound recording programs that may meet the demands of both novices and experts alike. If simplicity is what you want, as is better control over inputs and modifications, you're in luck. In addition, there is no charge for either pick.

Recording Device for Audio

Microsoft includes Windows 10's free Sound Recorder right out of the box, so you can start recording right away. To get started, type voice or recorder into a search engine like Google and hit enter when Voice Recorder appears.

An easy way to begin a recording is to click the enormous blue microphone icon in the window's left-hand sidebar. A counter that shows how long you've been recording will appear on the screen, as well as buttons for stopping, pausing, and marking specific points in the video.

The list of recorded clips appears in the main window. You can also pick files for playing, cutting, or renaming. If you're experiencing problems recording with your microphone or the microphone you've selected, check out the Sound options in Windows 10 first (Windows key, then type sound settings.) The.m4a files that Voice Recorder creates are immediately available for playback on most modern mobile devices.


Audacity, a well-known free audio recording program, may not look like much, but its sophistication resides in its feature set. Launch the program and press the red recording button when you've installed Audacity. In this main window, Audacity places the most critical and fundamental controls: In addition to recording, you can playback, stop, and pause your recordings, as well as alter the microphones you're using as input devices. You'll also find some essential editing tools on this screen.

With Audacity, you may record with many tracks and numerous input sources and edit and change your recordings with greater complexity. A weak microphone output necessitates higher input levels. It may take some time to get familiar with Audacity, but the effort you put in will pay off in the long run.

Exporting your clips in a range of standard file kinds is also an option, which is helpful for even the most simple users. Audacity doesn't immediately save recordings as playable audio files, unlike Voice Recorder. To save a project file instead, you must export via file>'' Export to an audio format such as.mp3 or.wav for other devices or software programs to play it back.

Keeping A Log Of Helpful Tidbits

Make sure you follow these suggestions for better recordings:

  • Record in a place devoid of hiss and reverb. It may sound unusual, but a closet filled with clothes is somewhat functional.
  • To avoid a hollow recording, keep your mic as close to your mouth as possible.
  • You can upgrade your microphone to one of our top USB options from your laptop, webcam, or headset mic with some extra cash and improve sound quality.

How To Record A Voice Message

Voice Recorder is a tool for capturing lectures, chats, and other sounds on your phone or tablet (previously called Sound Recorder). Press the giant Record button (1) and add marks (3) to designate essential periods while recording or playing back (2). In the next step, you can edit your recordings by trimming (5), renaming (7), or sharing (4) them. Select the trash can symbol (6) or the three dots (8) to delete your recording—a choice of words.

Having a Game Bar

If you want to record a video or audio file on your computer, play the file and pause it right before the point you want to record.

You can access the game bar by pressing Win + G. Game session to record. However, they can use this capability to capture other on-screen activities, such as a video or audio file. To begin listening to the audio file, click the white circle button on the game bar. The software will start recording immediately. Stop recording by clicking the blue square button when the sound has finished playing.

Go to the Captures folder in the file explorer and select the video option to access the video. In addition to the audio, this package will also include a video of the recording you made. You'll need Any Video Converter (or VLC) to extract the audio. Converting any audio or video file to another format is easy with this popular free-to-download-and-use application. Convert your recorded video to an mp3 file or any other audio format using the Any Video Converter application.


These two approaches allow us to record our computer's audio output from an external source, such as a voice recording. While the second approach isn't as simple as the first, it can still record clear and uninterrupted audio of your favorite songs, movies, etc.

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