Best Wireless Keyboards of 2022

Martin Wilson

Jan 15, 2022

Over the past few years, wireless technologies have greatly improved. Wireless keyboards eliminate the use of wire, reduce the clutter on your workstation and help you to work comfortably and type speedily-not only on your PC, but also on your phone, your tablet, and even on TV. Having so many options, it is hard to choose the best and versatile keyboard for your needs.

The models discussed below range from full-size desktops slabs to portable models that can skip easily from laptop to tablet to phone. They come with a longer range, low latency, a more reliable connection, and impressive battery life.

Top 1-Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro

Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro is the best mechanical wireless keyboard available with clicky green switches as well as linear yellow switches. It offers full size, full-height mechanical switch experience and all the features one expects in a gaming keyboard.

The top plate of the keyboard is built of aluminum that shows little flex. At a time, it can be connected wirelessly to up to three devices via Bluetooth or its exclusive USB receiver. There are three modes of connectivity; Bluetooth, USB-C cable, and Razer Hyper speed wireless.

It has high-end Double shot plastic ABS keycaps which provide a great typing experience and look good too.

Battery timing ranges depending on the backlight brightness effect and can range from 4 to 25 hours with lighting and 192 hours without lights. It has also a functional design and includes a wrist rest. Overall Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro delivers everything one can expect from an expensive and exceptional gaming keyboard.

Top 2-Logitech MX keys

Logitech MX keys, the best wireless keyboard for daily office use. It is available in various colors- pale grey, graphite, and rose. It can be paired up to three devices simultaneously and can be switched between the connected devices through the use of dedicated keys next to function keys.

It is a great choice for both Windows and MacOs users and is well suited for both operating systems. Both have the same cost 100$. It has low latency and connects with its USB and via Bluetooth.

It comes with standard scissor keys that are light to press. It occupies less space on the desk and is ergonomic. Overall it is a very good choice full-size wireless keyboard with both Windows and MacOs.

Top 3-Logitech K780

Logitech K780 is the best budget wireless keyboard for office use. It has a full-size layout, so includes arrow keys, a full Numpad, and media hotkeys that make it easy for users to hop through their favorite music while working. It can be connected to up to three devices at a time through Bluetooth. It has USB support and a Bluetooth receiver.

It is fully compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, iOS, and Android operating systems. It can be switched effortlessly between computers, smartphones, and tablets. K780 is the good traveling partner

Top 4- Corsair K83

Corsair K83 is the best Wireless Entertainment keyboard for use with TV and home theater PCs. It has two different Bluetooth profiles and a 2.4GHz wireless dongle and can be easily connected to a set-top box, a tablet, and to a PC. It comes with a built-in touchpad and can be used in a lap, requiring no mouse.

It comes with scissors switches that are easy to press and white backlighting helping the users to see the keys in dark. However, it is a very expensive entertainment keyboard at cost of 100$. Overall, durable and compact K83 is a solid choice.

Top 5- Apple Magic keyboard

The best wireless keyboard is compatible with Apple’s Mac and MacBook, specially designed for them. It can be connected instantly to MacOs and its built-in rechargeable battery that lasts for many months and enhanced key features.

This old-school Mac keyboard is slim, minimal, and complements Apple’s hardware absolutely. It provides a comfortable typing experience and comes without a numeric keypad too. It has a Touch ID sensor that is built right into it.

Top 6- Logitech G915

Logitech G915, an outstanding gaming keyboard offers a game-friendly design, a range of features, and an excellent feel. It is black having RGB back-lighting that can be customized through Logitech’s Light Sync system. It is lightweight and built of aircraft-grade aluminum.

It has 30 hours battery life and can be fully recharged in three hours. It has five dedicated programmable keys which can be employed for different commands for each game. It has low latency and can be connected through both Bluetooth and Logitech propriety’s light speed technology. It comes without a detachable wrist rest. It is replete with everything the best keyboard can offer.

The Bottom line

Wireless keyboards connect to a PC through Bluetooth and USB receiver. These keyboards offer little cost and long battery life. All the keyboards discussed above are the best wireless keyboards of 2022. The reviews about keyboards would give buyers enough specifics to make a sound decision.

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