Will Apple rule the PC market?

Si Gyeongmin

Dec 17, 2021

One of Apple's core values is innovation and breakthrough. They practice such values not only at the product level, but also at the business strategy level. Now, Cook firmly controls the industry chain. Market value, cash flow, acquisitions, profits, etc. are all in a very healthy state. Experts all over the world cannot predict: What will Apple develop into? Even more frightening is that the business world built by iPhone and iOS, like a huge black hole, slowly swallows the global consumer electronics industry chain. In this world, there are technology, capital, and very few talents. There is no doubt that the iPhone is Apple’s core business, accounting for more than 50% of revenue and profits, but Cook’s ambition is far more than selling one or two high-value-added mobile phones, but using iOS to bridge the gap between electronic devices. Barriers, and rule there, make another 70% of the profits, including smartphones, speakers, music players, and so on.

In November 2020, when Apple launched its self-developed M-series computer chips, Intel suddenly smelled of "death": First, they would lose the bulk of Apple's iMac orders, and they would have to face Apple’s expanding territory to turn a major customer into a competitor with a splendid mouth.

Encroach on giants, what does Apple rely on to stand out?

In all fairness, Intel’s achievements are enough to leave a name in history, they still dominate the PC market, and the extent to which computers have changed the world is staggering: they have been applied to all aspects of life and work, and have transformed human society in only 30 years. Related industries are no longer chic and agitated, but moisturize things silently, like electricity, cement, and flour, becoming indispensable materials for the earth. This is why Intel and Microsoft alliance, although old-fashioned, lifeless, and innovative aesthetics are far lower than Apple, but for 20 years, they still make a lot of money, Microsoft's market value occasionally wins, leaving Apple behind. It can be seen that making a product into daily necessities can easily bring its own dominance.

In the face of ordinary opponents, Microsoft and Intel basically do not pay attention to it. Just as Windows has a 95% market share in the desktop operating system market, it is simply unique, and they often inexplicably carry out some software upgrades in order to help Intel sell more powerful chips. Naturally, Apple's iMac computers will not head-on, and IOS is not likable in home applications.

For a long period of time, Microsoft and Intel established a prosperous age similar to the "eternal age", while Apple created the era of mobile Internet "by the side of the prosperous age": if IOS can't shake the status of Windows, let the charm of iPhone block the "PC boot button" on a large scale. In fact, when Apple sold more than 2 billion smartphones, the operating rate of home PCs has dropped significantly. Everyone can complete movies, games, social activities, shopping, and other activities on the iPhone. It is just some drawing designs, large-scale software, and a banking system that still requires a PC computer. Moreover, the ambitious Apple is not satisfied with beating Microsoft and Intel in the "family field".

The dull and perfunctory attitude further strengthened Apple's determination to develop its own computer chips. In fact, Apple has always been a giant in the field of chip design, including iPhone, Airpod, iWatch, and iPod. They have used their own chips early, and the M1 computer chip is called a new cheese in the family bucket of Apple’s self-developed chips. Up to now, Apple finally has the confidence to "challenge Intel's rule".

Keep improving, why is Apple so popular?

Those who are familiar with Apple know that their standards for business and products have always been "perfect", and they often spend a lot of money for these 7 letters. For example, to solve the iPhone 0.1mm gap problem, they will not hesitate to invest millions of dollars to change the design and add testing equipment. At first glance, all business activities must give way to design requirements and provide them with unlimited resources and a very large space, but the underlying logic is that when the design goes beyond reality, huge profits and business will be derived opportunities, just like the iPhone’s long-term popularity, have provided enough nourishment for Apple’s other businesses.

Nowadays, Apple has formed a huge magnetic field, attracting industry chain elites over the years, even the grassroots supplier-in-plant engineers have hidden Harvard and other prestigious graduates, and Cook has never been stingy with talents, not only moderately OverPay will also provide it with excellent office conditions, vacation benefits, and industrial chain halo.

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