Talk about 5G cloud dedicated line

Si Gyeongmin

Dec 16, 2021

The 5G cloud dedicated line is essentially a dedicated line, that is, Direct Connect.

Everyone knows that in the age of the Internet, companies need to go online at any time.

There are many ways for companies to go online. For large and medium-sized enterprises, applying for broadband is not very suitable. On the one hand, there are too many companies and not enough bandwidth. On the other hand, large companies have complex IT systems such as personnel and finance, and there are many headquarters, branches, and offices. Therefore, a wide area network needs to be constructed, and more stable, safe, and reliable Internet access is required.

As a result, there is a demand for "dedicated lines". To put it bluntly, the operator specially pulls a line, one end is connected to your company's office, and the other end is connected to the operator's own transmission backbone network.

MPLS leased line is the traditional mainstream leased line.

This kind of dedicated line has very good network quality, fast speed, low delay, low jitter, and low packet loss. However, the price is particularly expensive, installation is particularly slow, and maintenance is particularly difficult.

In recent years, SD-WAN has begun to rise.

Regarding SD-WAN, to put it bluntly, it is a centralized management "flexible WAN".

What is a cloud dedicated line?

It's very simple. Now many enterprise systems are on the cloud and deployed in cloud computing centers.

So, our enterprise wants to access these systems in a faster way, isn't it a dedicated line from the enterprise to the cloud center?

This exclusive connection channel between the local data center and office network of the user enterprise and the virtual private cloud (VPC) of the cloud service provider is the cloud dedicated line.

There is no doubt that this kind of cloud dedicated line does not pass through the public network, the link is exclusive, and it has the advantages of security, high speed, low latency, stability, and reliability.

What is a "5G cloud dedicated line"?

Obviously, it is the cloud dedicated line, which uses a 5G access network, bearer network, and core network related technologies. Between the enterprise and the cloud, it is carried by 5G.

As we all know, in recent years, operators have been advocating "cloud-network integration".

The first typical exploration of "cloud-network integration" is to introduce edge computing and sink the cloud (computing) to the bottom of the network.

The second typical exploration is the cloudification of the core network, and even public cloudification.

In the 5G cloud dedicated line mode, the performance advantages of 5G have been brought into full play to a large extent. However, from the perspective of the network (operator's perspective), this kind of cooperation is obviously very passive. The pipeline attributes of the network (operator) have become more obvious.

Of course, from another perspective, with the help of 5G cloud private line services, operators can indeed better develop "5G private network" services.

However, whether the operator can access the user's data and whether it can intervene in the user's business is the key to making big money.

Otherwise, there is no difference between a 5G cloud dedicated line and an MPLS dedicated line. Operators’ own cloud services still cannot start. The tendency of operators to become pipelines cannot be changed. Isn't it?

As the owner and operator of the network, how to play a game with cloud vendors is a hot topic worthy of long-term observation. The outcome of this game directly determines the future pattern of the communications industry.

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