After Apple Announcement, It Went Straight to 1st in the World!

Evelyn Shen

Dec 16, 2021

Although the trend in recent years is new energy, there are also more new fuel cars this year, which is a bright spot.

Apple shares closed up 2.85% at $157.870 on Monday, pushing its market value up nearly $71.9 billion in a single day to hit a record high and retaking Microsoft as the world's most valuable company.

Some people say, "I have long believed in Apple stock, but I did not buy it. This is not surprising. What do you think this has to do with cars?"

It's not the iPhone 13 or anything else driving Up Apple's stock price. It's cars.

According to a person familiar with the matter, Apple will launch its first car in 2025 and aim for fully autonomous driving.

According to the report, Apple has taken two technical approaches to building a car -- advanced assisted driving or full autonomy without the steering wheel and pedals -- and it has now opted for the second.

In less than a month, the Apple Car has made such rapid progress that it is fast forward to the launch of the new car in 2025.

Indeed, Apple has been consideringwhether to make a car with driver-assist or an autonomous driving platform for years, and has lost itself in therepeatedly jumping over and over...

But it's been six years since the project was revealed, and wecan’tsay they haven't made any progress.

As a result, Apple could only handle the design, vehicle and trielectrics, leaving the rest to the vehicle factories.

With years of development of autonomous driving technology as a core selling point, it's reasonablethat an Apple car can come out in 2025.

Those who know about electric vehicles might have a feelingthat nowadays, intelligent cars rarely take control or driving pleasure as selling points, and most of them advertise how complete their technological configuration is and how advanced their autonomous driving technology is.

Over time, it feels like for a buyer, it doesn't matter whetherit is easy to drive. As long as you sit comfortably and have enough configuration, the car will automatically get you to your destination.

That sounds great, but is autonomous driving essential for today's cars?

First of all, from the aspect of safety, automatic driving failed. The accident caused by electric car automatic driving in this year has been numerous, and the owners like to use it on the high speed way. Once an accident happened, the car brand will directly goes dead.

In addition to the poor technology, the price is also very difficult to accept.

It's true that electric car technology is very attractive and easy to use. But in order to have these features, they have to reduce everything they spend money on a traditional car to the lowest level. Is this putting the cart before the horse...

Although now car companies like to exaggerate the assisted driving technology into automatic driving, but there is still a long way to go from the real autonomous driving. It's not worth paying tens of thousands of dollars more for all the bells and whistles.

So, if the Apple car is really focused on autonomous driving, it may not be possible. Not to mention the price is more expensive, other experiences may not be as good as competitors. After all, it is cool only when people drive by their own!

But let’s expect the Apple Car to surprise everyone,like the iPhone did...

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