The Most Popular iPhone Abandoned by Apple!

Aynsley Moore

Dec 16, 2021

On June 8, 2010, iPhone 4 was officially released! This is the pinnacle of Apple that everyone called it was “changing the world”. Under the aura of Jobs, it was popular all over the world...

With iPhone 4, Apple successfully entered the global market, and the popularity of the iPhone has been ignited since then.

On September 10, 2014, iPhone 6/6 Plus was officially released! This “controversial” Apple large-screen product before and after its release was constantly questioned under Cook’s success...

However, with this new iPhone, Apple successfully occupied the global market and completely laid the foundation for the iPhone to be king.

It can be said that the iPhone 6/6 Plus contributed a lot so that Apple was able to become the world’s second-ranked mobile phone brand at the time.

As the world’s highest-selling model of Apple, the iPhone 6/6 Plus has gained an astonishing sales volume of 250 million units worldwide.

But it’s hard to predict whether it can surpass the global sales record set by the iPhone 6 series!

Apple said that it will officially add iPhone 6 Plus to the “obsolete Apple products” on December 31 this year.

This also means that five years has passed since Apple stopped selling the device.

According to Apple’s official explanation of “obsolete products”:

Obsolete products are products that Apple has stopped supplying for sale for more than 5 years but less than 7 years.

The iPhone 6 Plus was stopped selling in 2016, which is indeed in line with Apple’s explanation.

The iPhone 6 was still on sale in 2018, and even in 2019, there was a large number of new 32GB versions on sale.

In addition, the later packaging box has also been replaced from the super beautiful pure white box to the front-printed box like that of the iPhone 6s.

The iPhone 6 with A8 chip, 1GB of RAM, plus capacity of 32GB, is really not competitive at all.

Needless to say, the experience is incomparable with the Android models of the same period.

It is because of the A8 chip + 1GB storage configuration that the iPhone 6 series was quickly obsoleted.

The A8 chip was not so bad. At that time, Apple officially claimed that A8 had a 25% increase in CPU performance and a 50% increase in GPU.

A8 only had an increase of 5% compared to A7 in the benchmark. In other words, A8 was actually not much different from A7 of the previous iPhone 5s.

But iPhone 5s had smaller screen pixel rendering than 6 and 6P. In fact, there was almost no difference in experience.

The iPhone 6 was okay, but iPhone 6P has a larger screen and higher resolution, resulting in an even greater burden of the A8 chip! Whether it was a daily app or a game, iPhone 6P was always a bit slower than 6 and 5s.

People who have upgraded to the latest version should have a deep understanding.

Compared with the modestly upgraded A8, the lethal defect of this model is the poor RAM of 1GB which makes it has a shorter life span than the iPhone 6s.

You even could not play PUGBG MOBILE with it at the time.

In conclusion, iPhone 6/6P had the same chip performance and the same RAM as the previous generation, but it was equipped with a larger screen and rendering pixels, which compensated for the experience compared with A8 or A7 chip (or even worse).

This is why the iPhone 5s has not been listed as an “obsolete product” until now.

Certainly! The market strategy is one reason, and the outdated model configuration is another one.

For example, “bendgate” issues, the touchscreen not working, design flaws and so on.

It was also destined that the iPhone 6 series would not go far.

In the end, the iPhone 6P became an “obsolete product”.

However, Apple Store and Apple Authorized Service Provider will continue providing repair services for obsolete products for up to 7 years (the specific duration depends on the availability of parts).

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