iPhone 13 becomes useless machine. Apple has just cut this function!

Evelyn Shen

Dec 16, 2021

It can be said that 2G and 3G are the memories of the group of old Internet users.

While 5G is under progress, the update and development of mobile phones is also unambiguous. In 2021, different manufacturers take turns to publish new products, which is quite lively.

Apple still remains unmoved and copes with shifting events by sticking to a fundamental principle. Soon Apple returned to the world's second, the iPhone 13 series of this year also verified the truth: iPhone 13 is so delicious!

But this doesn’t mean that it is perfect. To be objective, the biggest problem of iPhone now is the poor signal.

The signal problem has always been a psychological concern for Apple users. After all, Intel baseband was previously used.

Even though the 13 series uses a Qualcomm baseband, there should be no signal problem. But officials have said that plastic is used as an antenna, which also makes some users to be worried.

And recently, this news has thoroughly made Apple users astonished:

All the iPhone 13 series will cancel the 2G and 3G network support of China Telecom!

Certainly! In the list of China Telecom 3G networks, there is no iPhone 13 series. Someone has asked: Will this influence me to answer and make calls as well as send and receive text messages?

The most fundamental function of mobile phone is communication. If one mobile phone can't even make a call, doesn't it mean an useless machine?

According to relevant sources, China Telecom has required all 5G equipment to remove the CDMA frequency band system from 2020, which is usually called 3G network.

It seems that the cancellation of 3G is the idea of operators?

So how do people realize the most fundamental SMS and make a call when people use mobile phones?

Under the 4G environment at present, if the area where the mobile phone is covered by VoLTE network, people can switch on HD communication function in this category.

The most intuitive feeling is that: The network will not be disconnected when making a call and receiving short text, and Honor of Kings will not show error of 460.

If there is no VoLTE network coverage, 2G and 3G will be used to bear the short text and communication function.

5G is similar if there is no VoLTE network coverage, but the VoNR network is used.

In this way, as long as VoLTE and VoNR coverage are solved, the current situation will not be influenced, but actually:

There are too many uncertainties in reality. This netizen is the best case. 5G is unavailable, 4G signal is poor, and 2 / 3 G is no longer supported.

Therefore, the call can't be answered and the call quality is poor!

At the same time, other operators will also have this situation. After all, you may have no signal when you enter the parking lot or the building. Who dares to say that he has absolutely no problem? Impossible.

To sum up:

If you are in an area with full network coverage and low network resource usage, canceling 2/3G will not affect you a lot and will improve your call quality.

If you're in an area with poor network coverage and tight network resources, that means you may be unable to receive messages and make calls.

Some may want to blame Apple and Telecom, but they both have their reasons.

As a mobile phone manufacturer, Apple has to comply with the operator specifications, which is the most basic requirement.

What Telecom is doing now is to push forward mobile network innovation.

For example, more and more mobile phones have removed 5G switch this year in preparation for advancing SA networking.

The cancellation of the 2/3 G means that VoLTE and VoNR HD phone networks will be promoted in the future, which will improve the user experience gradually.

However, operators need to know more about the actual use of mass users while promoting network construction. Stable and reliable, preferential and convenient experience is what users need most.

5G technology needs to be developed step by step, and a one-size-fits-all approach may not be appropriate.

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