Different Features of Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Martin Wilson

Oct 11, 2022

It would help if you didn't let the speculations that the Note series will be discontinued get you down; instead, give the S21 Ultra a go. Although it has been superseded by the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which was released in 2022, it is still a worthwhile investment even though it is no longer the company's standard for a genuine luxury smartphone. This is how Samsung sees the overabundance of smartphones developing in 2021: Other features include 5G, an all-day battery backup, and up to 16GB of RAM. The primary camera on this phone has a 108-megapixel sensor, and it also has two different telephoto cameras, 100x zoom and 40-megapixel selfie cameras.

Price And Availability

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra was made available in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, among many other countries, on its release, on January 29, 2021. Because the launch event took place on January 14, the public announcement and the release date occurred a couple of weeks earlier than they typically do for the iPhone model. In 2021, Samsung was going against the grain of the industry. Even though it will cost you a significant amount of money, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is far less expensive than the S20 Ultra was when it was first released. The model with 128 GB of built-in storage and 12 GB of RAM begins at $1,199 in the United States, £1,149 in the United Kingdom, and AU$1,849 in Australia.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Design And Display

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is such a gorgeous-looking smartphone that we didn't even bother to put a cover on it while we were testing it since we didn't think it needed one. Risky, to be sure, but the camera bump and fingerprint smudges on our test smartphone were much-reduced thanks to the gadget's finish, which was a matte Phantom Black with minimal seams. In addition to the dark, almost Vantablack-like Phantom Black color, a Phantom Silver color can be purchased anywhere. Furthermore, Samsung's official online store provides customers with an additional three color options: Phantom Titanium, Phantom Navy, and Phantom Brown.

Two Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultras In Stands

The rear of the Galaxy S21 Ultra and S21 Plus is made of scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass, but the back of the Galaxy S21 is made of polycarbonate, sometimes known as plastic, and has a texture that is less pleasant to the touch. The typical customer would not be able to discern the difference between the two unless they were shown both products side by side.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra S Pen Compatibility

Not compatible with the Galaxy Note series since it does not fit inside the phone.

In addition to the Samsung S Pen, it is compatible with several other styluses.

We are pleased to discover that Samsung's first semi-phone, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, is interoperable with the company's S Pen pen. This is a development that we have been looking forward to. However, things operate a little bit differently here: there is no S Pen supplied with the smartphone, and even though you buy the stylus separately, there is no way to incorporate it into the phone's structure. This is because the S Pen is sold separately.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera

Are you prepared for this very personal look? However, the grainy photographs taken with the "Space Zoom" feature continue to fall short of the quality level required for us to be able to upload them easily to our Instagram accounts.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera Roll

Samsung's ability to take usable photographs from the ultra-wide webcam at 0.6x to the digitized zoomed-in 30x sets it apart from Apple and its camera systems on the new iPhone Pro Max (maxed at 2.5x optical / 12x digital), as well as Google's Sensor 5 camera. Apple's iPhone 12 Pro Max camera systems are limited to a maximum of 12x digital zoom, while Google's Pixel 5 camera is limited to a maximum of 2.5x optical zoom (no telephoto). In 2021, no one (save Huawei) will perform a zoom on a cellphone like this, and your pals who use Apple phones will be green with jealousy over your telephoto capabilities. In 2021, Samsung was going against the grain of the industry.

It may seem silly to buy two telephoto cameras, but doing so allows you to capture images from various viewpoints, including three times and ten times magnification, without switching to digital or hybrid formats in between. Both cameras have optical zoom capabilities; however, Samsung's panorama mode often acts independently without the user's permission.

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