All You Need to Know About the Best Android Smartwatch

Martin Wilson

Oct 10, 2022


With more and more brands releasing their versions of Android smartwatches, it's become harder to narrow down the options to one top pick. It can be difficult to zero in on the best smartwatch due to the abundance of models offering nearly identical functions, fitness tracking options, and watch faces. Remembering that you must select a smartwatch compatible with your smartphone is one method to whittle down your options. When it comes to smartphones, some smartwatches are iOS-only or Android-only. This, however, is just the tip of the iceberg. Modern smartwatches can track your heart rate, activities, sleep, location, and smartphone notifications. You can leave your phone at home because many accept contactless payments and have LTE or cellular connectivity.

Types of Smartwatches

Smartwatches generally fall into one of two categories within the broader wearables sector. First, the Apple Watch and other Wear gadgets powered by Google's operating system combine form and function. In place of traditional wristwatches, they rely largely on a user's smartphone and are designed to be worn instead. You can think of them as a phone stand for the phone you keep on your wrist. The consumer market also features vendor-specific categories of multipurpose smartwatches:

Apple Watches

It was created and is being offered by Apple.

Wear Watches

Utilizing Google's Wear platform, these watches are produced and marketed by various manufacturers.

Tizen Watches

Unique software developed by Samsung for use in its Galaxy range of smartwatches.

The second subset consists of specialist products designed for narrower applications. The functionality of these gadgets often overlaps with that of a fitness tracker like a Fitbit while also being superior to that of a smartwatch that relies on a phone for its functionality.

Smartwatches Are Used For What?

Whether they are designed for everyday wear (like the Apple Watch) or a specialized purpose (like the Garmin Fenix), most smartwatches provide the following features:


Notifications are useful for smartphones as they draw attention to relevant events or tasks. Smartwatches can display notifications unique to the device, while devices that sync with a smartphone can duplicate the phone's alerts on the wrist. As an illustration, the newest Apple Watch has a built-in fall detection system. The watch would detect the subsequent movement if you were to fall while wearing it. A series of increasingly urgent alerts are issued if no motion is detected. If you don't react, the watch will think you're hurt and call emergency services.


A smartwatch's functionality, beyond relaying phone notifications, is limited by the programs it can run. Various app ecosystems exist, typically associated with the Apple or Google platform. Function-built smartwatches, like those designed for hiking or scuba diving, typically only support the apps necessary to fulfill that purpose, with no room for additional app types.

Media Management

Most wearable computers allow you to control your music and videos when connected to a smartphone. Use your Apple Watch to adjust the volume or skip songs while listening to music on your iPhone using AirPods.

Answer Messages By Voice

Do you recall the classic Dick Tracy comics in which the hero detective communicated via a watch that doubled as a telephone? The watchOS and Wear operating systems powering today's smartwatches include a voice dictation feature. A dedicated fitness band, rather than a smartwatch, is preferable for serious athletes who want to keep track of their workouts. Yet, many modern smartwatches come equipped with a heart rate monitor and a pedometer to help you monitor your fitness progress.


The GPS on most modern smartwatches allows you to keep tabs on your whereabouts or get notifications based on your precise location. Battery life that lasts a day under normal use is a hallmark of today's smartwatches. The Apple Watch has an average battery life of 18 hours with typical use, while the Pebble can go two or three days on a single charge.

How To Choose The Best Android Smartwatch For You?

As a first step, you shouldn't get an Apple Watch because it is incompatible with Android. Beyond that, it boils down to selecting one with the required functions. Is the ability to record an electrocardiogram (ECG) important to you, or is monitoring your heart rate adequately? Are you interested in health and fitness, or is alert more important to you? Think about all that and the costs and styles that appeal to you.


When compared to smartphones, smartwatches excel at gathering information about a user's whereabouts and health that would otherwise be difficult to obtain. Many other forms of smartwatches provide a single function. Some smartwatches, for instance, monitor the user's heart rate to glean information about the user's health. The way we live is shifting due to the introduction of smartwatches.

Even though it isn't the best, the smartwatch will soon take that crown. They pioneered the category of wearable smart devices. The way we talk to one another is evolving thanks to smartwatches. The smartwatch is one of the first mass-market electronic gadgets to be reasonably priced. Shortly, you'll see that everyone's wrist is adorned with a smartwatch. The other camp thinks the wristwatch isn't meeting expectations because it has "too few features" and "it can never be as helpful as the smartphone."

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