Review of Spark for Mac

Martin Wilson

Aug 08, 2022

You've heard of Spark (free, accessible in the App Store) because of its reputation as a fast email client for iOS. In addition to PDF Expert, Readdle's second replete macOS utility for viewing and editing documents convinced me to give up Preview forever.

Even though Spark for iOS is fantastic, the idea of hopping between email applications on desktop and mobile devices has never appealed to me. As a productive person, I must be able to utilise the same software on all my devices. What will happen to Apple Mail now that Lighting for Mac is available? So, to put it in the simplest terms, almost.

iOS features, including Smart Inbox, natural language search, and Quick Replies, have transitioned to the desktop. Apple's public cloud and sharing extensions have yet to be integrated into iOS.

The Mac version of Spark is just as simple to set up for people already familiar with the iOS version. iCloud syncs all of your email accounts, including signatures and other settings, as soon as you login into one of them. This program's "it simply works" simplicity would impress even Steve Jobs.

The iPad version's triple pane

The iPad version's triple pane structure strongly affected Spark for Mac's user interface design. A message list is sandwiched between a threaded conversation browser on the right side of the window, which takes up the majority of the screen real estate.

Airmail customers will be able to get up and running thanks to the familiarity of the user interface quickly. Third-party email clients cannot shift messages between accounts, a common feature in Apple's Mail. The 1.1 version now supports Apple's new Touch Bar functionality, even though I did not have a late-model MacBook Pro machine available for testing at the time of this review.)

There are still some benefits to using email. A message list in Spark can be seen in three lines, and however, in Mail, it can be previewed in five. You can open an individual message in a new window by double-clicking on it in the list, but you cannot do so from the message browser. This isn't even the most aggravating part of the lack of support for contextual button shortcuts in the message browser.

Spark, on the other hand, is a master of the hand gesture. Swiping left or right in the message list gives users two customisable options for responding to specific messages. On the other hand, Spark provides good choices like "Move" and "Move to Spam" that make it easy to immediately deal with junk mail that gets through the system's filters. This is a great feature. However, I'd like to move it to the top like Mail, instead of in the lower left corner.

Interfacing with Airmail

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, Airmail is a powerful email client with many important capabilities that the Mail. The app does not have, such as the ability to compose messages in Markdown. If you prefer writing in Shorthand or HTML, Airmail's compose window includes a horizontal layout where you type on the left and your structured material is shown on the right. Using this visual Preview when writing your letter can be incredibly beneficial in avoiding mistakes such as broken links or strange-looking text.

Sharing by Airmail

Suppose you're used to Mail. You might find Airmail's task-based approach unusual in the app, but it's worth a shot. The statuses for each Airmail communication. Each option will give your message its unique identifier (similar to a tag) and place it in the appropriate Airmail container.

You can use a To Do item as a reminder of what has to be done or completed (as the name suggests). Suppose your employer asked for an updated report or your spouse asked you to stop by the store on your way home to pick up something. To-Dos can be useful in certain situations.

The Airmail manual defines a Memo as something you need to remember or save for future use. They are fine if you don't use them. To avoid managing chores from your email, Airmail integrates with several productivity tools, such as BusyCal, OmniFocus, and Things (to name a few). It's as simple as right-clicking on an email message and selecting Send To, then selecting the programme to which you want to send a link.

App developers can use Airmail's Plugin Framework API to integrate their apps with Airmail's features. Using AirMail, you may use a wide range of productivity tools, like OmniFocus, Things and BusyCal.


Spark has successfully transitioned from mobile to desktop; however, not all iOS capabilities have been included. Readdle intends to include in-app expansions in the future, likely of the premium sort, although both versions are free (and devoid of adverts or other intrusions.

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