1 Password 4 for Mac Review 2022 in Detail

Martin Wilson

Aug 05, 2022


The designers of 1Password 3 took a page out of Apple's book when they updated the app. A new vault design, category icons, and a darker sidebar are all part of 1Password 4 for iOS. After 1 Password 4 for Mac review, we can say that the look and feel of 1Password 4 for iOS are remarkably similar to that of the desktop app. All of 1Password's visual elements have been updated to conform to the iOS version's aesthetic; this includes rich iconography for categories like Logins and Software Licenses whenever possible and a shift away from the legal pad motif found in previous iterations of Secure Notes in favour of a more subdued grey background. The sidebar's shiny icon against the dark background (reminiscent of Evernote 5) is its most eye-catching feature for me.

As an added convenience, you can conceal individual widgets or the entire sidebar by selecting the appropriate options in the View menu (including "hide Item Counters"). Although 1Password 4 doesn't break any new ground in design or layout, it is one of the most powerful and well-polished apps available for the iPhone and iPad. The 1Password 4 Mac app, which makes more sense for Mac users than simply trying to enlarge the iPad UI to fit on the larger screen, features a nearly identical colour scheme and icon set, in addition to a handy new sidebar.

Review of 1Password 4 for Mac

The ability to sync 1Password with Dropbox on iOS 7 and OS X Mountain Lion is just one of many new features and enhancements introduced in 1Password 4. This article will focus on those features and improvements that have the greatest impact on the daily routine and user experience.

The most noticeable change will be the addition of support for iCloud and Favorites. This year, with iOS 6, 1Password introduced iCloud syncing. Although iCloud isn't my go-to for syncing, feedback from users suggests its speed and reliability are top-notch. The new Sync section of the Preferences menu allows for fine-grained control over sync behaviour. It also includes local WIFI sync options for those who would rather not use cloud-based key storage (understandably). While I don't use local sync, I can see why it was reinstated.

In my testing, I discovered that the Dropbox sync in 1Password 4 was as fast as, if not faster than, the original. Regarding protection and security, 1Password 4 has a range of new features; however, people aren't experts in security or encryption. Therefore, if someone claims to think 1Password is more efficient and secure, most people would rather believe them.

The availability of favourites in OS X is particularly noteworthy to me. When I pointed 1Password for iOS at my Dropbox folder, the app automatically detected and synchronised my most frequently used passwords. Putting your most used accounts in Favorites is a great time saver. Many people are relieved to learn they can use them on their Macs.

Like the iOS version, 1Password for Mac supports custom fields and allows multiple URLs to be entered into a single login field. When using 1Password 4 on iOS, one of my favourite new features is the ability to add multiple domains to a single login field. Seeing it arrive on Mac is a huge relief. If you use the same credentials on multiple websites, 1Password will automatically fill in your credentials. Custom fields for logins aren't something I use often, but when I do, I find them very helpful, especially when broken down into their respective subsections.

Your vault in 1Password 4 is accessible via the browser extension or 1Password Mini. Compared to browser apps, browser extensions are more closely tied to a web browser's structure and core functionality. Compact 1Password It's a slimmed-down version of 1Password that stays in constant sync with your vault online. You can access 1Password Mini from your device's menu bar whenever you need to retrieve a login or send a secure message to a loved one. The keyboard shortcut can be activated immediately upon starting 1Password by accessing the Preferences where it is stored. This is the newest way to get info about 1Password without launching the full app. That's the vault, inside a safe.


If you take the safety of your data and website logins seriously, you need to use 1Password. If you're looking for a program to help you keep track of all your sensitive information, including passwords, logins, credit card numbers, software licenses, and more, look no further. While it's great that Apple is giving native users the option of using iCloud Keychain to store and fill passwords and forms securely, we still recommend 1Password. We recommend LastPass if you need a password manager with more features and flexibility.

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