Features of Viofo A129 Pro Duo

Martin Wilson

Aug 03, 2022

In contrast to its 1080p counterpart, the Pro version is better since it offers a Dual-channel 4K resolution. Let's look at this piece of equipment to see whether or not it is worth the $250 price tag. There are not nearly as many 4K dash cameras on the market as there should be, and it is likely to be pricey when you find one. In the realm of dashboard cameras, Viofo is a relative newcomer, but the company has already shown that it has the proper formula. It provides high-quality recordings at a reasonable price, precisely what most people desire from a dash cam. It does away with many extraneous bells and whistles, such as lane departure alerts and other cumbersome, ineffective features that purchasers of dash cams don't want.

Viofo A129 Pro Duo:

When you open the package, the front and back modules are the first things your eyes see. The cables given are of a high thickness, giving the impression that they are of superior quality. The A129 Pro Duo has given me pause to consider upgrading from my current go-to dashcam, the BlackVue DR900S. Viofo has done an excellent job by developing a dual-USB charger that, when charging, delivers an exciting total of 3.1a. This is the back module, and if you notice its angle of placement, which is to the south, you will know that you must position it on the inside of the car's window.


The primary camera module of the A129 Pro Duo is equipped with a 4K-recording-capable aperture of f/1.8, lenses that cover 130 degrees, and the Sony Exmor IMX317 sensor. The data is processed using a more powerful version of NovaTek's central processing unit. The back module is equipped with a Sony Starvis sensor, which can function normally even in low-light environments. For enough light to reach each pixel hidden behind the lenses integrated within the modules of a 4K dashcam, the camera must have sufficient light available. Additionally, a higher resolution requires more light to provide satisfactory results.


When you browse the settings, you will see that it supports 1440p at 60 frames per second and 1080p/Full HD at 120 frames per second. This is a handy feature, as many dashcams do not provide such possibilities to their users. The parking mode is adjustable, which means that you may choose to either record continuously at 1 or 2 frames per second, which signals that it will employ timelapse or motion detection. Both of these choices come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.This is an exciting feature that is included here. If you have a computer and the appropriate software, you can study it on the computer.


You will first need to select a proper location for the windshield, and you should remember that Viofo's body is not that little; you should arrange it so that it does not disturb you while driving. The space just behind the rearview mirror comes to mind. Once you've got the module where you want it, the next step is to figure out how to connect the module's cord to the cigarette lighter that won't get in the way. Additionally, Viofo provides a hardware kit capable of maintaining continuous recording in the event it is linked to a source of steady power such as a fuse box.

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Whether it is raining, sunny, foggy, or smoggy outside, the daylight video looks excellent regardless of the amount of light there or the weather conditions. Even when exposed to direct sunshine, the only situation in which you will notice a drop in image quality is when the sun shines directly on the lens; nonetheless, the A129 Pro Duo still works quite well.

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Because the number of details is significantly increased with a 4K resolution, and because a higher bitrate requires an SD card with the most significant amount of storage space that you can afford, you will need an SD card with the highest possible capacity. Because of its narrow optics, the A129 Pro Duo has fewer distortions than other dashcams, which may be unpleasant on cheaper models. The low light video captured by the Viofo A129 Pro Duo seemed somewhat overexposed to me; however, this is also the case with my main dashcam, the BlackVue DR900S, and examining the files on my personal computer reassures me. It provides high-quality recordings at a reasonable price, precisely what most people desire from a dash cam. Even though very little light comes into the camera and it has a 4K sensor, it can still capture a great deal of information.

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