How to Find, Block, and Disable an Unknown AirTag Moving With You

Martin Wilson

Aug 03, 2022

This is a network of iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Someone monitoring you without your knowledge might put you at risk.

There are a thousand good and acceptable methods to utilize an airbag. Airbags, for example, are being used by the York Regional Police Department in Canada to monitor stolen vehicles parked in driveways that have been fitted with them while in the open.

After her iPhone warned her that an AirTag was following her, another lady claimed to have discovered a concealed AirTag in her wheel well. States in New York and Pennsylvania have issued warnings against the abuse of tracking devices like airbags.

These kinds of occurrences are pretty unusual (the police have claimed that there had been five AirTag-involved cases of theft). If an iPhone, iPad, or AirTag is associated with an iPhone or iPad and the user is not nearby, Apple has placed protections to send varied notifications and information.

In addition to Android software that scans for nearby AirTags, the iPhone has built-in capabilities for finding and disabling airbags.

Tracking Your Device

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The Find My network was successfully opted into by everyone whose devices engage in the safe, confidential location data about your devices and airbags. That makes everyone in your immediate vicinity a possible partner in monitoring and AirTag that you are unaware of.

The option to opt-out does mean that you will no longer be able to use this network to trace your own stolen or lost Apple devices, such as an iPad, iPhone or Watch, Mac, or an airbag.

For those who often use public transit, other people's devices will be able to pick up and transmit your AirTag position. If you stop at a rest area on the highway and see someone 50 feet away using an iPhone, or if you're driving on the road and see someone else using an iPhone or iPad linked to a cellular network, you're in the clear.

There's no telling how far Bluetooth L.E. can go. There were still regular updates regarding the location of an AirTag I had placed in my car when it was parked two floors down and roughly 50 feet away from our home, even though it was parked in the driveway.

Searching for an Unknown AirTag

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Using AirTags to gather information for you is only possible if they travel with you, as they don't report proximity to anybody but the owner. Your house, business, and classroom will disclose nothing to someone who's keeping an eye out—having to wear or carry the AirTag, or have it in a vehicle you use solely or at least often decreases the amount of "surface area" that may be monitored without your consent.

If no one has access to your house, workplace, or car, and you use a P.O. box or the other person's address, someone may send a product with an airbag in it, and then when you take that item home, they could know your location. If you're in such a circumstance, you may want to inspect all parcels before returning them to your house.

Apple's Find My app and Android's Tracker Detect app let you manually scan for nearby AirTags utilizing the Items That Really Can Track Me feature on the Items page.

Using a Bluetooth Scanner

You may use a general Bluetooth radar for apple devices or iPad to search the surroundings around you and to know whether an AirTag is anywhere around you since AirTag transmits Bluetooth signals that Apple phones can pick up.

Air Tag’s Bluetooth ID changes often to keep it from being tracked by various tracking applications, but they still give you a good idea of where your airbag is. This covers the device names that are broadcast by Bluetooth devices.

In addition to providing a list of Bluetooth connections your iPhone or iPad can identify, BLE Scanner adds a mapping tool that organizes them by transmission power into the distance. In a car, you can use this to see whether there's an airbag concealed inside, but it's less effective inside since there may be hundreds of your own and neighbors’ devices nearby.

"H.P. Officejet Pro 9010 series" printer, for example, is only one example of a generic Bluetooth device name that may be used to identify any Bluetooth-enabled equipment. Even if you're confident that you've eliminated all previously identified Bluetooth devices (even by shutting down any unknown equipment), if what's left has no recognized name, it may be worthwhile to perform a manual search.

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