Ways To Use Gmail Mobile App Tricks For iOS And Android

Martin Wilson

Aug 02, 2022

The firm has recently placed a new emphasis on Gmail for Android. As a result, the app is now loaded with features that will assist you in elevating the quality of your email experience to a higher level. Before we can remember, the interface of Gmail has always been the same. This is because Gmail had its most recent significant overhaul in 2011. But now, Google has entirely changed Gmail to conform to its brand-new Google Material Theme.

Everything is white and fun, and it's finally uniform across all platforms (Android, iOS, and the web). Do not be concerned if the new look of Gmail on your iPhone or Android device confuses you. Gmail continues to function in the same manner. There are just a few new features, but they all simplify things.

1. Switch Conversation View

After doing an update on the Gmail app, the first thing you will notice is the addition of three different chat displays to choose from. You can select between the Default, Comfortable, or Compact setting. The screenshots that are located above will show you what they seem to be like.

The Comfortable perspective is quite similar to the one previously shown—just the photo from your profile, the subject line of your email, and a short snippet. Only the email's subject line and the sender's contact information are shown in the compact view, which lives up to its name by being condensed and limited in scope. The profile image has been replaced with a checkmark.

2. Get Accustomed to The New Layout

As was already announced, Google has rearranged some of the furnishings in their offices. At the very top, where there used to be a search button, there is now a search bar (taking the place of the old red bar). The compose button, which formerly served as the edit button, now comes in various colors. The ability to switch between accounts can now be found in the upper-right-hand corner of the primary screen (from the hamburger menu). You may switch to another version or create a new one by tapping the button that says "your profile" if you want to do either.

3. Use Confidential Mode

One of the most notable improvements to the Gmail mobile app makeover is the addition of a confidential mode. It is Google's response to the abundance of encrypted email services now offered on the internet. In the Standard way, the ability to forward the email is disabled, and the message is deleted automatically after a specific time (from one day to 5 years). Even if a password is unnecessary, the news will only open in the applications and websites associated with Gmail. With the SMS Password option, an extra layer of protection is provided in the form of a one-time passcode sent to the recipient through text message.

4. Modify the Actions

You can personalize the swipe motion for an email on Android. Both swiping to the left and the right will archive an email. To modify the swipe action, go to Settings >'' General Settings >'' Swipe Actions and then choose the Change button next to Right Swipe or Left Swipe. You may now apply a swipe motion to archive an email, delete an email, mark an email as reading or unread, move an email to a new location, or snooze an email. Pick the best action that works best with your email routine. If you utilize your inbox as a task manager.

5. Swipe Left or Right To Change Accounts

The Gmail app for iPhone obfuscates a handy little gesture you can use. If you have more than one account signed in, you may easily switch between them by swiping down the symbol that represents your profile.

6. Deal with Emails in Bulk

Another secret function of Gmail that you might use can be found here. Tap on the user's profile photo inside the Inbox display to choose an email message. You may continue doing this to swiftly choose many messages without entering the tap-and-hold Edit mode, as long as you keep doing what you just did.

7. Snooze for Later

Since Google Inbox is no longer available, the company has begun incorporating some of that app's most useful features into the Gmail client. One of these features is called snooze. As its name indicates, it enables you to put off attending to an email for as long as possible. You can "snooze" an email for one day when it will be removed from your inbox and only reappear at the time you choose.

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