Logitech Craft Keyboard

Bethany Walsh

Aug 02, 2022

A significant number of keyboards are nothing more than that: they are the only equipment designed to fulfill your requirements for typing. While a few others are explicitly constructed with gaming in mind, which places a premium on precise precision and shorter travel distances. But despite this, there aren't that many products on the market tailored to creative people. This is especially strange when one considers the number of tools, programs, and applications geared toward graphic designers, videographers, photographers, and writers.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a keyboard as focused on creativity and design as Logitech's Craft, which shockingly comes in a primary, no-frills box. In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find a keyboard as focused on creativity and design as Logitech's Craft. There is undoubtedly potential for development given that it does not exactly scream "total creative control," as Logitech boasts. There is, however, no ignoring the fact that it is a handy tool that offers a plethora of capabilities for creative expressions and increased efficiency. In addition, it is undeniably an ingenious early effort at a keyboard with an emphasis on creativity.


The design of the Logitech Craft wireless keyboard is surprisingly basic and subtle, even though it can be used for various purposes. It has a slender, sleek, and rounded appearance, allowing it to fit in with any desktop setting and decrease clutter. A matte finish gives it a slight feel beneath your hands and helps keep greasy fingerprints away. It is black with a silver bar at the top and has a matte surface.

The Craft weighs 960 grams, which may seem like a lot, but this only indicates that it is constructed out of sturdy materials and is weighted down, both of which – in conjunction with the rubber pads located at the rear – prevent it from sliding about. It has a staggering 10 meters of wireless range, dual connection (2.4GHz wireless with Logitech's Unifying USB receiver as well as Bluetooth), an on/off option to preserve battery life, and a USB Type-C connector for charging, and an on/off switch to save battery life. But this is only the beginning of things.


But to return to the Crown, which deserves a thorough examination. It is a touch-sensitive medial button-cum-dial found on the Craft. It is the key to the keyboard's capacity to perform creative duties without burdening users with additional frills or an excessive number of extra buttons. To adjust the settings of the Crown, you may either turn the wheel or push and tap the touch-sensitive switch. Both options are available. Turning the wheel on the Windows 10 or macOS desktop alone will, by default, increase and reduce your volume level. You may choose to modify additional settings by clicking the button.

Within software and applications, the Crown provides a certain degree of control. This control enables you to access some of the program's fundamental tools and features and alter their settings by simply tapping, clicking, and turning the Crown. You may customize several aspects of each editing tool, for instance, in Photoshop, by tapping the appropriate buttons and turning the corresponding dials. You can adjust to things like temperature, exposure, and contrast in Lightroom by tapping the wheel and turning it. To navigate between tabs in a web browser, you need to turn the dial clockwise or counterclockwise. Users of the Logitech MX Master 2S mouse can personalize the Fn keys to function in combination with the mouse to provide additional controls and productivity shortcuts.


Regarding the performance of the Craft, we have no concerns whatsoever. It has excellent actuation, a decent bounce back, outstanding precision, and no noticeable delays in its performance. Additionally, when fully charged, the battery may last for a whole week before needing to be replaced. In addition, the Crown button supports a wide range of configuration options. The free Logitech Options program the firm offers allows you to designate the functions you use most often for each tap, turn, press, and press+turn action across your software and apps. You will be able to completely customize the keyboard in this manner and optimize it to improve the efficiency of your workflow and the amount of work you get done.

In addition to the other features, these make the expensive price tag of $200 for this keyboard an easy thing to take in stride. However, it is essential to remember that the Crown does not have access to all functions. This means it cannot genuinely provide you with complete control of the situation. At least, not at this time. Hopefully, this issue will be fixed in subsequent upgrades, and users will have even more access to the creative capabilities of their preferred software and applications.

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