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Martin Wilson

Aug 02, 2022

You may misplace your home or vehicle keys at some point unless you are very self-disciplined and constantly return them to the same location. And the moment you realise you need to locate them is almost always just before you are pressed for time and have to rush out the door. Your phone will be able to connect to the tracker and enable you to make it ring so long as you are within the Bluetooth range of the tracker, which on certain models extends to a distance of up to around 400 feet (120 metres).

Remember that a Bluetooth tracker is not the same as a GPS tracker. Therefore, you will not be able to see its live position on a map using it. However, since the Vodafone Curve is equipped with GPS and Bluetooth, it is the superior option for those in the UK who wish to put a tracker on their cat, dog, horse, or any other animal that has the potential to wander for long distances. (They are not designed to be used for monitoring your children, but there is no reason you couldn't if you wanted to.)

1. AirTag from Apple

The airbag may not be the most cost-effective option after you include the cost of the adapter needed to connect it to a keychain. Still, it is your best option if you own an iPhone, particularly the latest model equipped with a U1 chip. Because it uses ultrawideband technology, once you are within approximately 20 feet of an airbag, you will begin to get instructions comparable to those provided by a satellite navigation system.

2. Tile Pro (2022)

Even though it has been on the market for several years now, the Tile Pro is still considered one of the most effective Bluetooth trackers. This is because it has been redesigned to fit a set of keys conveniently. The Tile Pro has a battery that can be replaced, in contrast to the Tile Mate, and it operates dependably. Although you do not get the exact instructions that AirTag users do (Tile will release the Ultra in 2022 to fix this issue), the app will display green circles that light up as you move closer to the location. However, if you have a lot of Tiles, it would be helpful if the application had a "compact view" option so that you wouldn't have to browse around the home screen so much.

3. Chipolo One (2020

Avoid getting this one confused with the previous ones, which were round in shape. The battery in the 2020 model can be swapped out; however, unlike the battery in the previous Classic model, the battery in the 2020 model is water resistant to the IPX5 specification. This implies that it will function normally even if it gets wet.

The Ocean Edition is the name of a more recently released model. Its exterior is created from recycled plastic that was recovered from the ocean. Chipolo will donate one dollar to the non-profit organisation Oceanic Global for everyone that is sold. It is more costly than the ordinary version. Therefore ocean conservation will come at a financial cost to you.

4. Chipolo One Spot

Before Apple released the AirTag, Chipolo got there first by making its current One tracker compatible with Find My. This allowed Chipolo to beat Apple to the punch. As a result of the hole, it is possible to remove it from its packaging and attach it to your keychain without needing additional accessories, making it superior to the AirTag in several respects. It is impossible to set up without an iPhone or iPad since it only works with the Find My app and not Chipolo's software. Android users are out of luck because it cannot be used without one of those devices.

If you have one of these devices, however, the One Spot is an outstanding tracker with a larger range than an airbag and a somewhat louder ring than an airbag. Additionally, it is less expensive. Suppose you lose a Chipolo One, which depends on Chipolo's smaller community of users. In that case, you have a significantly lower probability of recovering a lost item since it relies on the same millions-strong community of iPhone users. In addition, it leverages the same community of users as the iPhone.

5. Vodafone Curve

The Curve is a Bluetooth tracker, but it also has other capabilities. The BlackBerry Curve features a built-in SIM card and GPS, allowing you to track it almost everywhere there is a mobile connection. Other devices, on the other hand, need users to form communities to locate lost objects. Surprisingly, the Curve itself is less expensive than the majority of trackers that solely utilise Bluetooth, but to make use of it, you will need to pay a monthly membership fee. Because it just costs a few pounds each month, it is an option that provides excellent value when it comes to monitoring high-value products.

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