Best Tech Gifts That Cost 50 or Less

Martin Wilson

Aug 01, 2022

December has finally here. You don't have to buy a last-minute gift if you don't want (or force your delivery driver to drop gifts at your doorstep on Christmas Eve). Make a list and cross it off as you go about your holiday shopping.

But for those who are giving and have large families or many close friends, the holidays can be a financial drain. Many of us can't afford to buy thousands of dollars worth of gifts for everyone on our list. The $50 price point is a nice place for tech-savvy pals, and there are a number of gifts that fall inside that range. Amazon, Google, and Wyze have a plethora of gadgets to choose from at costs that won't break the wallet.

Best Overall Gift

The 8-inch screen has a resolution of 4:3 and may be accessed via a USB or SD card.

The Aluratek Digital Photo Frame is our top pick for the best cheap present under $50 because it is an emotional and personalised gift for those you care about. Changing images is as simple as inserting a USB or SD card into the frame's back slide slots. Clear, brilliant colours and high definition are provided by the frame's real digital LCD panels, which are used to display photos.


  • Take a look at all of your favourite images in one place.
  • Shows a random selection of photos


  • a lack of inbuilt storage

Weathertech Cup

The ideal addition to any automobile

All cellphones are compatible, and the nesting cups allow for a universal fit.

For one of the most well-known automobile accessory businesses, WeatherTech's CupFone Cup Holder is its most popular item. To see directions or make hands-free calls while driving, simply place it in your car's cupholder. It also has a tilting feature. WeatherTech claims that the CupFone will work with "all known smartphones," including those that have protective cases that are of a standard size.


  • The cupholder and phone holder may be adjusted to accommodate any size.
  • Telephony can now be done hands-free.


  • There isn't a way to modify the height of

Best Gift for Notetakers

Features: 9 alternative colour schemes; 42 pages; 7 various page layouts;

Anyone who is constantly writing lists and keeping a notebook by their side will love the Rocketbook Fusion Smart Notebook as a present. Using the supplied Pilot FriXion pen, you can write on the notebook's synthetic paper, then wipe the page clean with the wet towel to reuse it for a second time around. For future reference, you can save pages to the Rocketbook app's cloud so that they can be easily located.


  • Syncs book notes to an app
  • To-do lists, calendars, goal-setting, sketches, and many other uses are possible with this versatile tool.


  • Not a hardback book.

Skullcandy Sesh Evo True Wireless

Wireless earbuds that are both inexpensive and effective IP55 grade, built-in tile technology in six colours, and six different colour options

While you won't be able to get your hands on a pair of AirPods for less than $50, you can still get some really great headphones. Shock- and water- and dust-resistance ratings of IP55 distinguish the Skullcandy Sesh Evo True Wireless In-Ear Headphones. In addition, the earbuds and charging case provide a total of 24 hours of battery life. In comparison to AirPods, this is an excellent value.


  • Use both buds together or just one at a time if preferred.
  • The ability to place and receive phone calls, as well as change the volume of music playing in the background


  • Complaints about problems with the internet connection
  • At Target, you can see it right now.

Best Gift for Gardeners

At Target, you can see it right now.

It has a 5-liter water tank, fits seven plant pods, and can be adjusted to a maximum height of 14.57 inches.

The iDoo Hydroponics Growth System would make an excellent gift for a friend or family member who enjoys horticulture or growing their own herbs. For year-round access to healthy, fresh vegetables, this small kitchen counter-sized indoor smart garden is a great option.

In order to give your plants the optimal amount of light, use an adaptable light with 24-watt LEDs that mimics the spectrum of sunlight. In addition, the smart garden features three light settings that correspond to the different stages of plant development.


  • Height-adjustable light
  • Variations on the theme of water and lighting


  • As a result of the lights' brightness, a bedroom is not an appropriate location for them.

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