How to Sync an Android with Windows Media Player

Martin Wilson

Aug 01, 2022

This Wikihow Tells You How To Use Windows Media Player On A Windows PC To Sync An MP3 Player Or Smartphone. Most Of The Time, All You Need To Do Is Connect The Item To Your Desktop Through A USB Cord And Open Windows Media Player To Play It Back.


Connect Your Android's USB Wire To Your PC. The "Micro USB" On The Other End Plugs Into Your Phone. Using The Other End, You May Plug It Into A USB Port On Your Computer.

In Windows Desktop, Click The "Start" Menu At The Bottom Left Of The Screen. Windows Media Player Is The Best Option.

In Windows Media Player, Click On The "Sync" Tab The "Sync List" In The "Sync" Tab Allows You To Drag And Drop Any Documents You Want To Sync To Your Phone.

Start Syncing By Clicking "Start Sync" In Windows Media Player.


The CD That Came With Your Phone May Contain Drivers That You Need To Install On Your Computer To Use Your Phone.

How to Move APK Files From A PC to An Android Phone

Using The USB Cord Included With Your Android 4.X Device, Move APK Files Around.

For Android 4.X Apps, The Google Play Store Is The Default Source, But Google Restricts Some Apps To Specific Phones Depending On Their Location And Known Compatibility With Other Devices. Then There Are Those Programmes That Don't Show Up In The Google Play Store, Therefore You'll Have To Download The Android Package (APK) File Manually. Once You've Downloaded The APK File to Your Computer, You Can Use The Android's Application Installer Programme To Manually Install The App

  • To Begin, This Is The First Step

Using Your Android's USB Charging Cord, Connect The Smaller End To The USB Port On Your Device.

  • The Second Step Is Done.

Using The USB Charging Cable, Connect The Other End To A USB Port On Your Computer.

  • This Is The Third Step.

Using The "Start" Button, Select "Windows Explorer."

  • It's Time For The Fourth Step.

The SD Card On Your Android Phone Can Be Accessed By Selecting "SD Card" From The Portable Devices Section And Then Clicking "SD Card".

  • This Is The Final Step.

To Relocate APK Files, Simply Drag & Drop Them To The Desired Position On Your SD Card.

This Is The Final Step.

Before Disconnection, Click On "USB" Button In Windows 7 Notification Area And Select "Eject Your Android Smartphone" Option. Click The Small Arrow To The Left Of The Notification Area If You Don't See The USB Symbol.

How to Download Music Into Your Alcatel (5 Steps)

It Is Possible To Transfer Audio Files From Your Computer To Your Alcatel Phone. Built-In Media Players Allow Alcatel Phones To Play Digital Audio Files. The Alcatel PC Suite Application Is Used To Transfer Music Files.

  • The First Step Is To Begin.

Run The Alcatel PC Suite. On The Alcatel PC Suite, Select "File And Multimedia" In The Left Pane.

  • The Second Step

To Begin, Select Your Phone Model From The Drop-Down Option And Then Click "Next."

  • The Third Step

Using The USB Connector That Came With Your Phone, Connect Your Phone To Your Computer. When A Message Appears On Your Phone, Select "Com1."

  • The Step Four

Locate The Music You Want To Move Using The PC Suite's Left Pane. Drag And Drop The Files Into The PC Suite's Right Pane.

  • This Is the Fifth And Last Step.

To Transfer The Song To Your Phone, Click "Transfer."

Sync Music, Videos, and Files

On Your Mobile Device, Double-Click Manage Media To Begin Synchronising Media.

It's Best To Begin By Transferring Any Music That's Currently Stored On Your Phone To Your Windows Music Library. To Do This, Go To The Left Pane And Click Music, Then Select All Of The Files You Want To Move And Drag Them Into The 'Drag Stuff Here' Box. Start Syncing By Clicking On The Button.

To Set Up A Sync Between Your Android Device And Your PC, Click 'Set Up Sync...'

Make Sure You've Transferred Your Music Files From Your Phone To Your PC By Right-Clicking The Drop-Down Option Under The Sync Tab And Selecting Set Up Sync. If You Accept This Option, Windows Media Player May Ask You How You Want It To Handle Data Already On Your Device. If You Don't Want Media Player To Delete Anything From Your Phone's Data Card, Make Sure You Select The Option To Keep Your Data. A Name For Your Device Will Be Displayed On The Following Screen; If You'd Like, You Can Modify The Default Name That Appears. To Begin The Sync, Click Finish. Your Phone's Media Collection Will Be Mirrored To Match Your Library, Up To The Storage Capacity Of Your Phone.

And With That, I Bid You Farewell For Now. When You Connect Your Phone To Your PC, Windows Media Player Will Check For Changes In Your Phone's Music Library And, If Necessary, Update Your PC's Library.

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