Easy Ways to Remotely Access Files on Your PC

Martin Wilson

Aug 01, 2022

Please let us know if this is something you would like to be able to do when you're away from the office or while you're in the middle of a business trip. Transferring all your data sources to a portable hard disk is the most straightforward approach. However, it is time-consuming because you must manually sync your portable Drive with your home computer.

These days, there are a lot of new and creative methods to do things. Let's look at various technologies and tools that can make this task easier whenever and wherever you want them – in this article!

Desktop Sharing Software

With this free desktop sharing software, you may access all of your computer's files even if you aren't at home. LogMeIn Pro is another product that has comparable features. You can use these programs to move files from one machine to another.

A key shortcoming of this desktop sharing software is that it requires a remote machine to be online at all times.

Additionally, not any of these options would allow you to access the file on your mobile phone which includes an iPhone application.

VPN Server

A VPN server on your home network can likewise be configured and used for this purpose. This method will make access to shared Windows files and other network storage devices possible.

Dedicated Routers and NAS Devices

Only a few network-attached storage (NAS) devices allow you to access all of your online assets from a single location. The NAS device Web interface not be secure if it is designed for access via a secure local network.

Online Backup Services

You can use desktop tools like SugarSync, SkyDrive, Carbonite, or Dropbox to automatically upload data from your home computer to the cloud storage service. The main advantages of using them are that, even if the home computer is not functioning, your files will always be accessible to you. In Carbonite and SugarSync, you can access your files from a mobile phone and a desktop computer.

FTP Servers

FTP (file transfer protocol) servers can be set up to enable remote internet access. It may not be the best option from a security standpoint because you'll be exposing your FTP server to the Internet. Using a VPN to connect to an FTP server is also an option.

Cloud Storage Service

For Windows Live Mesh, Microsoft previously provided a remote file fetching service that allowed people to browse PC files via the Internet. Skydrive, formerly known as One Drive, is no longer available.

With one Drive, you have a dedicated folder on your PC to store your files in the cloud. A folder in which you save files and folders is synced to all your PCs so you can access them from any device. There is a mobile app and a browser version.

The company decided to terminate Windows Live Mesh as they believe that cloud storage is the best alternative for ordinary user to see their files. You don't have to use a specialized device, have your PC online, or install any server software. However, you cannot view any files on your PC, but you must sync the things you care about and access them from your mobile device.

Access Files Directly through the Browser

Before you may view your data from any other location, online backup providers would copy them to their servers. Many mobile devices don't work with screen-sharing services and are often slow.

You can utilize Copernic Desktop, a well-known desktop search tool, and Google Desktop to locate files and documents on your Windows PC. Copernic on the go is a premium paid-for feature. You can use this to do a remote search for a variety of items on a computer at home or work.

Opera Unite

Your PC can become a web server with Opera Unite, and you can instantly access folders and files from any other browser.


Using the bridge, you may easily create a private virtual network (VPN) based on your existing Google Account. Businesses use VPNs to allow employees to access company data over a public network; even home users can create their VPNs to enable remote files safely.

Windows Live Sync

In addition to Dropbox and Google Drive, Windows Live Sync is a solid option for viewing files remotely. To access your whole computer's hard drive through the Windows Live Sync Website, you must first install the Live Sync software on your computer.


Another free option is HomePipe, which allows you to view your data via another mobile device or computer, including photos, videos, and music. It's compatible with both Android and iPhone devices.

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