Nomad Base Station Stand Review

Martin Wilson

Aug 01, 2022

As a manufacturer of one-of-a-kind mobile accessories, Nomad has established itself as a leader in the industry. That concept is fulfilled in many respects by the new Base Station Stand. One-device wireless charger, the Base Station Stand, can charge your iPhone or other Qi-enabled gadgets. It elevates the smartphone rather than allowing it to rest on a flat surface, greatly enhancing its usability.


In many ways, the new Base Station Stand is a revamped version of the Wireless Travel Stand that Nomad introduced in 2018. The design is one of the most significant changes. A two-piece device that could be used as a charging stand or pad was the Travel Stand, on the other hand.

One piece of aluminum and leather accents make up the new Base Station Stand. You'll miss out on the two-piece design with the Wireless Travel Stand, but the single-piece solid metal design is quite sleek.

Using the Base Station Stand, your iPhone or AirPods rest on a plush cushion, thanks to the leather details on the stand. You'll appreciate the anti-slip padding on the bottom if you frequently pick up a large gadget like the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The front of the phone has a small LED indicator that lights up when the phone is charging.

I prefer charging stands to mats or pads on my desk, as I've previously discussed. Face ID users can reap many advantages from using a wireless charging stand. If you don't want to pick up your phone, you can see and respond to notifications without having to remove it from the charging pad.

The design of the Nomad Base Station Stand is one of the most noticeable differences between it and other wireless chargers on the market. You lose some of the portability of the Wireless Stand from 2018, but it's still a high-quality, well-built product.


With the USB-C-powered Base Station Stand, the Wireless Travel Stand's proprietary power cord and power brick are a thing of the past. If you already have USB-C cables for your other devices, the Base Station Stand can be powered using those same USB-C ports.

You'll also get an 18W AC wall converter and a 2-meter braided USB-C to USB-A cable in the Nomad's retail package. Our ideal scenario was for the USB-C wall converter to be included.

This year's Nomad Base Station Stand has a USB-A wall outlet and cable, but its USB-C port is significantly upgraded over the private cable used in the 2018 edition.


This stand's wireless charging power is the most crucial feature. Whether a wireless charger has a single coil or two coils is an important consideration when selecting a wireless charger. A one coil mechanism in the first Nomad charging station necessitated precise placement of the iPhone, which was difficult to achieve.

There are two coils of wireless charging on the Nomad Base Station Stand this year, which can deliver up to 10W of electricity each. This implies that it is compatible with the iPhone's 7.5W fast charging capability, and you may use it vertically or horizontally on the stand. And due to the two-coil design, there is no need to find the "ideal" place to place your phone.

The Base Station Stand supports AirPods and AirPods Pro. If you don't spin the AirPods Pro vertically to charge them or set them on the charger, you won't be able to use them. The Qi coil is absent, however.

Ultimately, it's Apple's job to push iPhone wireless charging capabilities even further. While the iPhone's maximum power output is 7.5 watts, several Android devices may go as high as 15 watts. Yes, I'd love to see Apple enhance wireless charging speeds at some time in the future with Nomad's Base Station Stand for iPhones.

In a Box

Everything you need to charge your device is included in the Base Station Stand. An 18-watt power adapter, USB cable, and a pair of international power adapters are all included with the stand.

Unfortunately, Nomad ships with a USB-A power brick instead of a USB-C one. However, it appears to be an off-the-shelf charger marketed as Nomad. A US adapter is included in the box; however, a UK or EU adaptor can also be used. AU adaptor is provided with the Base Station Stand if you live in New Zealand or Australia.

With this modular power converter, you cannot only charge your device anywhere in the world but also use it as a travel charger.

Nomad comes with a two-meter USB-C to USB-A power cable that connects to the Base Station Stand and the AC adapter. Although the cable is of high quality, it falls short of the quality of Nomad's other solo cables. There is no Kevlar core or metal overmolding, for example. This isn't a big concern for most people because they'll only plug it in once and be done with it, but if you plan on taking this on the road, you'll want a more durable cord.

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