Epson Artisan 837: Great Photos, Tons of Features, and Cheap Inks

Martin Wilson

Aug 01, 2022

It's a top-of-the-line home printer that tries to provide you with everything you could desire and excellent photo quality with the Epson Artisan 837 color inkjet multifunction. Although it costs $300 to buy, its ink expenses are surprisingly low.

The Artisan 837's WPS and wifi wizard make wireless setup easy. You are guided through the driver &'' software installation process by a succession of clear and easy-to-understand dialogues. Epson's software is powerful and user-friendly in general. The HTML-based help files are useful and properly organized, but they can only be accessed over the Internet. USB and ethernet ports are available for those who prefer a more secure and stable connection.

With its dark blue shell, the Artisan 837 is a subtle variation from the sleek black everyone is currently loving. 7.8-inch, tiltable control panel with backlit touch controls is found on the front of the device. The controls light up when needed, making it easier to find them.

Even though this design represents the future, we still prefer the familiarity of buttons and LCDs. We couldn't always tell if we needed to push something on the LCD or the control panel, and there were a few moments when I wasn't sure how to return to where we had been.

Artisan 1430 Specifications

Epson includes six distinct ink tanks with the Artisan 1430: black, cyan, magenta, yellow, light cyan, and light magenta. Each tank is sold separately. This set includes an Epson Claria Hi-Definition ink with increased spot and printer water-enhanced scratch resistance. Even on gloss paper, Epson artisan 1430 connected to wifi water didn't cause any issues, and it required a lot of pressure to detect any smearing. This printer test of this area and water resistance demonstrated that the inks meet their claim.

An inkjet-coated CD/DVD printing tray and a software application package including Adobe Photoshop Elements 9, Epson Print CD, and driver software program are included in this bundle. If you're connecting by USB, be aware that the printer does not come with a USB cord television. The Artisan 1430's setup includes removing the seemingly limitless pieces of tape and installing the ink cartridges. Epson artisan 1430 connects to wifi. Turn on the printer and wait around 15 minutes for the ink lines to charge.

The Epson 1430 Price

It took me around 10 minutes to configure the Artisan 1430 on my network. Thanks to the software application's instructions, there were no issues locating the printer and connecting it to my network. 082.11 n wifi offers around 2.5 times the speed of the preceding design, which only supported the g requirement of the IEEE 802.11 standard.

Even though the Artisan 1430 driver has not had an LCD like many more contemporary printers, a simple set of buttons on the top panel allows you to see the current status. To connect to wifi, press the appropriate button and check for a thumbs-up before the label. You may also print a report on the current state of the network by pressing other buttons.

Color-based and pigment-based inkjet printers are the two most common types. My initial impression of Epson's brand-new Artisan label for this printer was that it was a low-end consumer printer or an all-in-one widget, not a professional printer. Despite its entry-level status in the 13-inch market, 1430 offers the features necessary to be an important element of the studio of a professional digital photographer, especially for those who are not regular printers.

Epson Artisan 837 Driver Download and Install

You may get the latest versions of the Epson Artisan 837 scanner driver and software for Mac, Linux, and Windows. – 9.6 pages per minute in black and 9.1 pages per minute in color are printed by the Epson Artisan 837 Printer Shade Inkjet All-In-One. The use of small picoliter 1.5-dimensional ink beads and MicroPiezo technology may achieve fast but high-quality image printing. Clancy Hello Epson 6-color ink is used in the printer.

Artisan 837 contains 30 automated page feeders, the ability to send and receive faxes, and the ability to print, scan, and copy. With ADF, you may fax, scan, and copy up to 30 web pages simultaneously. Simple functions like xeroxing, printing on memory cards, cropping, and reorienting photographs are all made possible thanks to the printer's intuitive touch panel.

Artisan 837, like its predecessor, allows you to print directly on CDs or DVDs, eliminating the need for additional hardware such as pricey disc printers or wall-mounted label printers. This printer offers a wide range of connectivity choices using a USB direct link.


The one thing we do not like about Epson Artisan 837 All-in-One printer is that we can't use the fax because of our VOIP system. It's quick, extremely powerful, Energy Star-qualified, and can be connected straight to a computer through a USB cable.

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